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Sunday, 16 January 2011


So after the appreciation I received from my top 10 black men list I thought that it was only right that before you ladies hit the sheets you get a dose of white chocolate too lol. Now I am warning you lot from now, if you weren't on my wave with the black guys then you definitely won't be on my wave with the white guys lol. Anyway, enough talk, let's do this lol.

10. Orlando Bloom He is just plain gorgeous. There is no particular feature of his that stands out to me, he is one of those people who is just well put together. The weirdest thing is, I always seem to fancy him more when he is playing fantasy characters (don't look at me like that, man was a SEXY elf. Yes yes Legolas!). The thing that actually sold me on this British boy wonder was the scene at the end of Pirate of the Caribbean: At World's End when he became captain of the Flying Dutchman O_O I never knew a bandana could do so much for a man until that moment.
9. Paul Walker  Black girls love them some Paul Walker. He falls into the category of the black white boy (this type of white boy is always a universal favourite with us black girls). He may not actually be like that in real life but from what we've seen of him in the Fast and Furious movies he is, and that is enough for us to love him.
8. Robert Pattinson  Now no sexiest white boy list of mine would be complete if I didn't have 'Edward Cullen' on it. I'm not actually concerned about Rob himself, it's the Twilight haze that has me gassed on him. Some of you may be Team Jacob but that's your business; I LOVE EDWARD. I swear down, that kiss scene between him and Bella in the first film was EPIC. You know when you could fully sit there and watch it and be like 'That is some grade A kissing right there'. You know when that kiss looked better than sex. It's peak (don't look at me like that, these times you would FULLY want a man to kiss you like that RIGHT NOW!)
7. Brad Pitt  Let's be honest, we all saw this coming.  Brad Pitt is CERTIFIED sexual white chocolate. There are several films that I have watched him do the nasty with chicks in and would GLADLY take their place (especially Troy. When the camera goes for that wide shot and you just see him lying there naked and shit *bites fist* let me stop). Also, Brad gets extra rating for his Jamaican accent in Meet Joe Black. Dude is down. He spoke like he was a damn native.
6. Jason Lewis  O_O You know dem ones where this is self explanatory and I don't need to say ANYTHING else. Cool. Onto the next one
5. Colin Farrell  Dude is hot because he is bad ass, simple as. He just carries on reckless and doesn't give a FUCK. We all love a bad boy every now and then and Colin is mine, plus, I love his accent. Irish people ROCK!
4.  Zac Efron  this boy is the new generation of Brad Pitt. He started out as some jarring, too pretty Disney kid in the annoyingly chirpy, overly cheesy 'High School Musical', but my, my, my, he has grown up since then. He is still pretty as fuck for no damn reason, but as he is getting older he is getting manish and his pretty boy face is now straight sexy. When I watched him in Charlie St Cloud my damn jaw was on the floor and I kept thinking 'Oh his eyes are so BLUE'. He is just a beautiful specimen.
3. Channing Tatum  Now if black girls love them some Paul Walker, it aint damn near half as much as we love us some Channing. Dude just oozes sex and he's got that black boy swag that would make you consider nooging him and then some. Channing Tatum is so fine that you wouldn't give a fuck what people had to say about you being with a white boy, you'd just look at them and say 'Do you not see him?' What can they really tell you after that? NOTHING COZ HE'S FUCKING HOT!
2. Johnny Depp  If any white dude is CERIFIED then Johnny is definetly one of them. I don't know wheter its the Native American in him or the fact that he is the world's sexiest pirate, but this guy is so freaking GORGEOUS *swoon*. Whether he's being bummy, getting his rock star on, a member of the Mafia, a druglord, or a perpetually drunk cockney pirate with fucked up dreads, eyeliner and gold teeth, this dude is so damn SEXY. Savvy.

1. Iam Somerhalder  It had to be done. Ian is possibly the freaking hottest vampire EVER. He was cute in Lost as Boone, but as the dark, brooding, semi-psychotic Damon Salavatore in The Vampire Diaries he is the defnition of SEXY. FUCK a Stefan ok, TEAM DAMON ALL DAY EVERY DAY! He could kidnap me, tie me up, bite me, I don't give a shit! You know them ones where if he was really a vampire he wouldn't have to compel me because I would go to him WILLINGLY. I want to be one with him. I would make him turn me and spend eternity vampire sexing his brains out. *Ahem* so yeah, I love him init.

Now after compiling this list I still stand by what I said in  my first list, black men are still the finest men on the planet, but white boys are holding it down for their team. I must say though, I do think that they are more pretty than sexy. As hot as they are I didn't get that same illicit thrill as I did with my sexiest black man list *shrug* what can I say, I love the brothers.

It's 2am and my ass is getting tired so good night to you all. For those that don't know, if you wanna get at me my links are at the top.

Love Scotty


  1. this list was on point...please believe how i love me some Channing Tatum, mmhhmmm

  2. You know what...I almost completely agree with every single one of these.