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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Abortions, Teen Pregnancy and Safe Sex

Hey readers =). First of all I would like to say that I am glad that 'Fatty Boom Boom 101' had such a positive reaction and actually helped boost confidence with my fluffy massive.

Today I'm gonna try and get a little more serious with the blog and discuss abortion, teen pregnancy and safe sex (but mostly abortion).

Yesterday on my Formspring someone asked me what my views on abortion were so I decided that this would be a good topic for me to elaborate on.

First things first; I am PRO-CHOICE. Some of you may not agree with this, but as it says under my blog banner 'you don't have to agree, it's not your blog'. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.

My personal belief is that a child should only be brought into the world when the primary environment it is entering is stable. When people decide to have children they should be in a position to provide their child with the best life possible. Having a child when you are CLEARLY not ready isn't doing you or the baby ANY favours.

Here are some reasons to illustrate why I am pro-choice:

If you were raped
I think this example is a perfect example of  why it's okay to be pro-choice. If someone forced themselves on you and you got pregnant from it, the chances are you are not going to want that baby. I understand that every child is a blessing, but can you honestly apply that to a baby that was conceived during something as traumatising as rape, because I couldn't. I would see that baby as a constant reminder of what happened.

If you are a child yourself 
Shit happens, and yes if a young girl thinks that she is big enough to go sex up man then she should be big enough to deal with the consequences, but lets be real, anyone can open their legs but not anyone can be a parent. Nowadays little girls are too fast to get on their back like say it's okay; it's not, if you are under the legal age then keep your fucking legs closed and stop look man. I don't agree with babies having babies because to me there is so much more that they need to experience in life like getting a decent education, and the other perks of being a teenager before they get tied down by a baby. That being said, some young girls have made the decision to have children and are doing all right for themselves, but I still think that having a baby is not something to be taken lightly.
Some girls use the prospect of getting a council flat or trapping a boy that doesn't want to be with them as a reason to have a kid. Those girls get NO ratings. Since when was a COUNCIL FLAT a perk. There are people that are working hard to get out of council estates cause they know it's shit, yet you purposely wanna put yourself in one to get a little bit of freedom ¬_¬; REALITY CHECK, you're not getting freedom because now you have a baby on the way you PRAT. As for those girls that keep their baby in the hope that the boy they are pregnant for will be with them, what fucking planet are you living on? Most (not ALL) boys feel no way to leave you with the baby. Yeah some of them are decent enough to help you out with raising it, but they won't be with you. Get a clue.

If you haven't got your life sorted 
As I said earlier on, if you are not in a stable position to raise a child then there is nothing wrong with getting rid of it. Motherhood is a serious business and if it's not something that you are ready to commit to, or you don't have the necessary tools to deal with, then don't bother because chances are you'll be a shit parent (this doesn't apply to EVERYONE). I know that's harsh but I'm being real.

If the person you are pregnant for is not someone that you would not have wanted to have a child with in the first place
This is one of the weaker reasons. In my opinion, you shouldn't be fucking someone that you would want to get pregnant for in the first place because the risk of pregnancy is always there. I really can't get my head around people that don't practice safe sex. There are TOO MANY different forms of contraception for any of you to find yourself  in this position. There are condoms, injections, implants, diaphragms, coils, the pill, and if you were careless enough not to use any of these there is the fucking MORNING AFTER PILL, which you can take up to 72 hours after sex. That's 3 WHOLE FRIGGIN DAYS! The extra pisstake is that all this shit is FREE!
Don't abuse the fact that you can get an abortion; ABORTION IS NOT A FRIGGIN FORM OF CONTRACEPTION dumb ass.
Although I am less sympathetic in these cases, I still believe that abortion is acceptable because if you do have that child you are now tied to the baby's father for the rest of your LIFE -it's peak for you if he's some loser man.

People that are judgemental of those that do choose to have abortions should consider the position that that person is in before they come down on them. Just because you could handle dealing with the consequences of your discrepancies, doesn't mean that they can. (For those of you that are wondering, NO I have never had an abortion).

That's all I can think of to say on that matter. Feel free to leave a comment whether you agree or disagree.

As usual, you can get at me or check out the other things that I do by using the links at the top of the blog. 

Love Scotty

1 comment:

  1. This is truth here ....Ive been in that situation where there was a possibilty i could have pregnant....and trust me if i was pregnant there would have been NO hesitation to get an abortion.....i used to be against it, but you cant judge at all...i dont get how people have more than one though...find sense and dnt put yourself back in the damn situation !!!!!