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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hey dudes, hope everyone's feeling bad ass and shit. We made some new vids. Watch 'em. That is all.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Than Friends. Less Than Lovers.


So as usual I'm bored with fuck all to do, so of course that meant that it was no other than BLOG TIME *cue corny gameshow music*.
As you can see the title of this post is 'More Than Friends. Less Than Lovers.' I was going to call it 'The Grey Area' but then I assumed that that wouldn't really catch your attention so I had to spice it up.

Enough intro gas, I'm gonna get straight to it.

You meet a guy on a caj tip. You lot get to talking and shit. As time goes on you begin to see that there is actually something between you lot and now you LIKE him. I'm not talking about that regular 'He's hot I would dash 2-2 fanny his way STI-HILL' kind of like, I'm talking about them levels where you have to HIDE how much you like him coz in your head you have planned the wedding, honeymoon and picked out your kids names! O_O

Lol I'm playin, that's crazy bitch talk, but you get where I'm coming from; you LIKE HIM, like him init.

You're there like some nonce doing some lame shit like writing his name in love hearts, getting on your friends nerves coz every 2 minutes you're bringing him up in conversations even when the shit doesn't even coincide with what you lot were talking about:

Friend: So now I'm getting vex coz my manager is tryna cut back my hours_
You: ...Dwayne is so funny!
Friend: ¬_¬

, making a playlist in your iTunes with all the gassed up songs that remind you of him like say you lot are in love, these times NOTHING is gwaning with you two.

YES you around each other all the time, YES you are on the phone to him every night until stupid o'clock, YES you've met his family and his boys and everyone is diggin you, and YES you guys may have kissed and maybe a bit more (depending on what kind of girl you are *shrug*) but for some reason this boy is on some LOOOOONG TIIIIIIING like say you're name is 'Waiting Room'.

This is what I like to call the 'Grey Area'.

Call me old fashioned, but in my book I believe that it is down to the men to ask the women out (some of you may disagree but *shrug* I don't care), 1. because they're men, 2. because they're men (yes I wrote the same reason twice because I believe that that point is twice as important) and 3. it's more romantic that way *swoon*.

Some of you may be on it, but I'm not down with the whole 'women taking charge' biz. Like low it init. Can you imagine  relaying the story to people and be like '...and then I asked HIM out and he said yes!'


I think that shit looks desperate, like when women propose to men. Bitch, if he WANTED to marry YOU he would fucking ask YOU.

The way I see it, if a guy REALLY wants to be with you he will step up to the plate, the fact that you are taking it upon yourself to get the ball rolling makes it seem like you're forcing it. Obviously that is just MY personal opinion and I honestly don't expect everyone to agree with that because in this day and age it's not uncommon to see women take control...but no init :/.

So anyway now, due to the fact that neither of you are stepping up to the plate (coz he's long and you are the one with the vagina), there is now this weird overhanging 'when the fuck are we gonna make it official' aura attached to every conversation, and have you noticed how it's heightened whenever you are around each other because you are able to TOUCH and flirt like crazy which just makes the shit worse!

The shit is too friggin TENSE and frustrating as FUCKADOO (I just made that up, just roll with it, it's not stupid, it's quirky bitch) 'cause it's one of them ones where you can CLEARLY see the path you lot are supposed to follow but it's like you're stuck in the mud.

Wha gwan for dat!

At first you drop little subtle hints to give him a gentle nudge in the right direction, but you know them ones where the longer you have to wait that nudge ends up turning into a SHOVE! FUCK a hint! BRUV, I like you init, HURRY THE FUCK UP! SHIT!
Honestly, it's like locking a plate of food up in a see-through safe and putting it in front of a starving man; eventually the man is gonna try and buss that safe open!

...Maybe that comparison was a bit too VIOLENT but fuck it, sometimes a bitch needs to get violent *draws for the prison shank < I made it in Twitter Jail #Bullet*.

Now when you like someone you standardly contemplate noogin them init, but coz you LIKE this dude you want to NOOG him like a kajillion times more (and give him that SPECIAL TREATMENT SEX -you know what I mean bitches, the ones where your mind is in 'Fuck It Mode' and you release *epic movie voice* The FREAK), BUT you don't wanna give him the milk without buying the cow first.
This puts you into a predicament because you are now at WAR with your VAGINA. PEAK TIMES!

You ever been in a situation when you're around them and you lot start play fighting -or some next dumb uncreative bullshit that dude's call 'game' *rolls eyes* -and then shit starts getting a bit heated and you are on that DTF wave (that means 'Down To Fuck' for you slow bitches), but because you're in the 'grey area' you have to withdraw from the situation and correct yourself...
Do you know how much inner strength you have to summon NOT to fuck someone you WANT to fuck?!?! OMDZ AJDONNEKMFOFMMVEV DON'T RAGE ME!

Now really and truly, as you lot aint actually together you're still classed as friends, so you two still chat to members of the opposite sex from time to time (cause for some reason we need to feel like they aint got us on lock when really and truly we are dashing the key and the spare key at them) but you talk to each other the most. The other people are like reserves that you need to keep sweet just in case shit fucks up: aka BACK-UPS. You know them ones where when you talk to your back ups and the sound if their voice makes you angry cause they're not the person you really want to talk to...yeah that. Lol.

Now coz you don't wanna make it overly bait that you're ON your 'more than friends, less than lovers' dude, you tend to stray from any intense kinda convos in case you get gassed and start confessing and shit, but you know them ones when THEY have them random moments where they just put it on you and you don't know what the fuck to do with yourself. You want to go along with it cause you can FEEL the chemistry mad, but then you're a bit shook coz even though you like them, they're still your bredrin.


So the whole point of being in the 'grey area' is to eventually move over to the black section (the friend zone) or the white section (a relationship).

Now really and truly you are in the grey area cause you wanna cross over to the white section (cause let's be honest, you're their friend but you put in extra effort for them', so when it turns out that shit aint finna go down like that and you end up in the black section you get BITTER!

You know them ones where cause you lot are on the friend flex they wanna get a bit too buddy buddy and start telling you about other chicks like say they don't know that you like them. That is a shankable offence in my eyes #JustSaying #DontRageMe.

So all in all, if you are in that awkward 'more than friends, less than lovers' place and it doesn't actually amount to anything you're pissed. If it works out then well done you! #Bullet!

That's it bitches. I read what I wrote and I'm not 100% sure if it made any sense or actually had a point but I believe it was entertaining none-the-less =D


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