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Sunday, 2 January 2011

5 Reasons Why You Got Dashed In the Friend Zone

Right so I was chillin in my room having a little ponder about life, love and such and decided that I was going to do yet another blog post, but this time on 'The Friend Zone' *crazy eyes* DUM DUM DUUUMMMMMMM < that was supposed to be my evil music sfx by the way!

Now at one point or another in our lives each one of us has been put into, or put someone that we weren't so keen on, in the friend zone. I got to thinking about what the key elements were that would make someone get sent there, so to make sure I don't rattle on too much (cause by now you lot should know that I can CHAT) I'm going to list 5 main points.

1. Your outward appearence aint cuttin it. This can be down to your face, body type, dress sense, hair, teeth etc. This is the most common and obvious reason as to why you're in the friend zone. Most of the time it's not because you're butters but simply because you are not exactly that person's cup of tea -though a few of you may be unlucky enough to not be ANYONE'S cup of tea :/ pissed for you. Either way, in the looks department you simply didn't fit the bill, but luckily enough you have an all right personality so you won't get locked off completely, hence -the friend zone.

2. Their friends/family don't like you. If the majority of the people closest to that person don't rate you AT ALL, can't stand you, or feel that there is something off about you that they can't fuck with, then you best just get that relationship fantasy out of your head because the odds are NOT in your favour. Although the friends/family don't like you, that person still does, so you get put in the friend zone -the beneficiary friend zone of course ;). They won't start up anything serious with you, but if you're down to noog anyway, then that option is there.

3.  YOUR SEX WAS WHACK! This shit is universal. What happened was, the person you liked, liked you back, you got to talking and your future was looking bright. You jammed with each other, things got a little hot and heavy...and you were SHIT! NO ONE WANTS TO BE WITH SOMEONE WHO CAN'T FUCK! If your sex is whack then you don't even get the half-assed luxury of being a casual beat. Aside from your sex being a FAIL, you're fun enough to JUST chill with -friend zone for you.

4. You were on some LONG TING. These are the people that ruin their own chances. The person liked you and you liked them back, but for some reason you don't seem like a safe bet to them cause it's like you don't know what the fuck you want. While you're sitting there weighing up your options and trying to figure out what it is you do want, that person has decided that you are wasting their time and said 'Fuck it!' Now you're in the friend zone and they've moved onto someone else.

5. Last but not least; people know too much about you. This is an image ting and it usually affects girls more than boys. For example; you've had your fair share of lovers, but unluckily for you -everyone knows about it. Friend zone, no long ting! It doesn't matter how much you like this guy, if his friends are able to report back to him about what and who you've done, then it's case closed. As the saying goes, you can't turn a hoe into a housewife -but as I stated in point #2, if you're down to beat, the option is there....but if you're not getting wifed because of hoe rumours, sleeping with the dude anyway isn't going to alter his opinion of you because by fucking him anyway you're basically confirming that you're loose.

I must say readers I feel slyly proud of myself =D -I wasn't too hostile and I only swore 7 times *round of applause for me*. I don't know whether you found this helpful or not, but I'm sure it was relate-able in one way or another. 

If there are any subjects you would like me to touch upon, or if you just want to get at me in general, holler via my Formspring/Twitter/Facebook (all links at the top of my blog). Make sure you guys check out my story 'The Unfamous' (which I will be converting into audio book form very soon).

Love Scotty

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