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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hi Scotty, My question is what would you like for swear down tv as a company to achieve in the next coming years? Would you like Sweardown TV to become mainstream or stay successful as you are now?

I would definitely like SDTV to go mainstream and to grow as a multimedia company. This time around we're trying out loads of different show concepts to give our viewers more variety to choose from. As our viewers/followers may know, along with our original format we also have started 'BeYOUtiful' our comedic cosmetic tutorials, 'Rap Nation' our competitive cypher show, we'll have a cooking show soon, there'll be more music from us, you can now purchase our Team Bad Ass tops ( http://sdtv.bigcartel.com ) and we're also working on sketches.

ask me anything (please note I am not an agony aunt lol)

I love 'The Unfamous'! you should be gettin money for that :D is there gunna be a book 3? (im half way through book 2)

Thank you. At the moment I'm working on turning it into an online series so follow @The_Unfamous on Twitter to stay updated with that :). I plan to write 4 Unfamous books in total.

ask me anything (please note I am not an agony aunt lol)

not sure if you've been asked this before but, what happened to dee poetry?

He's no longer a part of sdtv but I think he is working on some personal projects so make sure you look out for that

ask me anything (please note I am not an agony aunt lol)