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Saturday, 1 January 2011

P**** Begging Is Not Cute

Hey my bad ass readers, Happy New Year and all that good stuff. Now that the niceties are out of the way I can get down to what I jumped on here to do: cuss.

The topic that I would like to touch on today is something that NEEDS to be addressed so that anyone that does it can feel shame and stop carrying on with these less than respectable antics. 

I want to talk about PUSSY BEGGING!

Let me break it down for you; a pussy beggar is a boy that does LAME things like spit gassed Shakespeare bars to try and flower chicks up, or is OVERLY on it to the point where it’s not even cute. Pussy beggars don’t actually know that they are pussy beggars because in their mind they think that they have game. They are wrong.

A perfect example of a PBer (I had to shorten it coz there was too much pussy on my page ;) get it –lame joke, I know. Low me mans tired) that EVERY chick should be able to identify are those random guys (that have 1 mutual friend with you on Facebook) that have chosen to inbox you and chat shit. You don’t know this dude from NOWHERE, you don’t understand why he thought that it was okay to message you like this is match.com, and you just can’t comprehend why he thought that “Hello beautiful, my name is John. You look like an angel in your pictures, I would like to get to know you very much,” was actually going to get him a response and not a block/mark as spam.

Another thing PBers are NOTORIOUS for is not being able to take a fucking hint

You know them ones where there are those dudes that are forever popping up on your Facebook chat to chat SHIT and you NEVER reply, but they don’t fucking give up. Persistence isn’t a good thing if people don’t want you to bother them; accept that you don’t have a chance and piss off.

A next example of PBers not being able to take the hint is when they move you on road and come over and say something stupid like ‘Yo my size’ (¬_¬ let me not start), dash in a compliment for good measure, then ask for your number. You’ve decided that you don’t want them and say ‘no’, then you try to continue going about your businesss. Instead of fucking off they follow you and keep talking like they don’t understand what the fuck ‘NO’ means. O_O Why -do you find rejection entertaining or something? GO AWAY! You tell them some gas about you having a man/your phone doesn’t work/you’re a lesbian (high 5 if you’ve used the lesbo line b4 lol), but they refuse to accept it and spit that BAIT pussy beggar line, “I just wanna be your friend. You seem like a nice girl.” ¬_¬ 


I don’t understand why boys say stupid things like that as if chicks don’t know that you’re using the ‘friend’ excuse to try and get bring ins on the FANDANGO at a later date, after they’ve just told you that they don’t want you.

Lastly in the PBers that can’t take a hint category: when you’re in a rave and you’re catching a SICK whine then suddenly you feel some dude press up on your back. You look to see what his face and swag is saying, then you clock that even in the darkness it’s not saying a one, so you take a step away. ATTENTION ALL BOYS: IF THE GIRL STEPS AWAY SHE DON’T WANT TO FUCKING DANCE WITH YOU! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD! Now later on in the rave, you and your girls have relocated and you see that same dude scoping you out and you PRAYING that he doesn’t try it again...¬_¬ but he does. Doesn’t it get on your tit when even after you’ve rejected them for a dance some of them try to sweet talk you into a it as if they’ve gotten better looking from when they last tried all of 20 minutes ago ¬_¬ it’s like bruv, have shame.

Before I continue can I just say this (cause I know how some man dem are bitch made); this is not directed at all of you (boys), so if you choose to take offence it’s probably because what I said applies to you and you are now embarrassed because I have alerted you to the fact that you are indeed a pussy beggar *hold up hands* don’t be mad at me, that shit is your own damn fault. Fix up.


Now I didn’t just jump on this subject randomly; this particular rant was brought on by some LAME dudes on Twitter who were doing some PROFESSIONAL PBing. Now when I say these guys PB professionally, I mean that their whole Twitter account is dedicated to FLOWERING up chicks with their WEAK Casanova bars (and that's not me just being rude ¬_¬ they really do JUST tweet fruity quotes at chicks). These are the tweet that set me off:

Clock the professional PB name> iRespectFemales: < ¬_¬ give me a fucking break!
"GUYS: just as she started to believe in you...you did the same as every other guy...you broke her heart </3"

s(he's) br(ok)en” < ¬_¬ #This

“GUYS: its 2011...lets make this a year of LESS broken hearts for the ladies. they've suffered enough. they deserve better.”

Another professional PB name >TreatWomenRight *rolls eyes* 
A Strong woman has a " BackBone " a backbone that never break's , a backbone that know's love , a backbone that gets her through life” <What the fuck does this shit mean? Its sounds like it’s meant to be ‘deep’ but he’s actually saying fuck all!

“Recognize the powerful energy a woman can give you , they can help a man in ways that the man himself couldn't even see or recognize ♥” < I saw ‘powerful energy’ and that  bitch boy love heart at the end and then> ¬_¬

65% Percent Of Women In The U.S Has Suffered From Heart Break. Lets Make it 0% this Year. < Where did he get these GASSED Dr Love statistics from?

After reading those tweets I’m sure you are all thinking ¬_¬ ‘What kind of shit is this for a man to be saying like it's caj’. If that isn’t anywhere near what you thought, then maybe you’re not as bad ass as I hoped you were *smh*.

Before I finish let me clear something up –there is nothing wrong with being romantic (as bad ass as I am, I’m all for romance, it rocks)/sweet/sensitive (up to a point)/caring yada yada yada, BUT there’s a fine line between being these things and being a pussy beg! Boys use your 'game' with care otherwise you too could be dubbed a PBer.

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Love Scotty

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