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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My best friend constantly talks about herself and her relationships. She is so selfish and thinks the world revolves around her and her life. How do I tell her that I can't stand it anymore and want to live my own life?

Why don't you just start living your own life so that instead of listening to her stories you have a few of your own to tell. I could be wrong, but maybe that's the real problem here.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

would you ever date a guy that was bi?


I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

Im 17 n ive been linkin a guy 10 years older than me . Im not ready for a relationship with him but i like him. Is anyfin of these wrong ?

Personally I don't agree with the age gap. You're so young and he's almost 30.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

I met this guy and he told me about this play that he was going to see. I asked him how the play went and he said 'oh, you remembered' and then asked me what's the oldest and youngest I would ever date if I could date anyone I wanted. What's he thinking?

Did you ever consider that he could possibly be interested in you?

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

I told this guy that I found him cute. Ever since then it's been awakard between us and I have been ignoring him. I want to go up to him and clear the air but how do I do that even though I still found him cute.

Just speak to him like you would anyone else. If you make a big thing out of talking to him it will just make things even more awkward for you.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

I'm 20 years old I haven't had sex and don't want to yet. Everyone that I meet and found cute, all they want is that. I'm not ready for that, how do I tell them from the start? They all think that I'm like every other girl.

Just tell them you're not ready for that yet. If they don't like it let them bounce 'cause it just shows they weren't for real anyway.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

Scotty i love you and ur girls off! Slyly i sound gassed but u kno ,, i dont care lol- anyways i was wondering because of the snakey people could you do a video on youtube about snakes and two faced bitches???

=) lol thanks. I dunno if we'd do a vid dedicated to that topic, but we could do something along those lines for you ;)

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

I am an asian girl and I like this guy who's black. He likes me too but everyone seems to think it's a problem. How do I deal with this?

Fuck what everyone else thinks. It's YOUR life, do what makes YOU happy.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

Friday, 16 December 2011

Started seeing 1 of my friends, I really have feelings for him, even want to lose my v to him but he says he's not ready to commit to me and wants to see other girls. How can I get over this because I cant accept it but I miss him all the time?

You have to accept it and keep it moving. It's easier said than done, but that's what it is.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

one of my close friends is turning into a hoe. it was envitable because she always lovedd off attention from man/took provacative pictures/wears revealing clothes. now that shes making a name for herself i dont know what to do when people chat bout her

All you can do is voice your opinion. At the end of the day it's her life and she's gonna do what she wants.

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

whats your definition of a lighty

Does this seriously require an answer? Seriously?

I'm doing a relationship Q&A for my next Swear Down TV vid, so if you want my awesome advice ask away....

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Overdose written and performed by Scotty Unfamous and Money Mel with additional male vocals by Kauzer.
Look out for the remix 'Overdose (Part II)'

Baby it’s time to go
I’m addicted to your lovin’ wanna overdose (x2)

It’s been a hot minute
Since we’ve f*ckin kicked it
Been meaning to call you up for a while
Coz I f*ckin missed it
Baby boy you got that good sh*t
Can’t help it I’m addicted
Cause darling when we go right after we’re blown it’s so mother f*ckin epic

So get your kush out
And baby I’ll turn the lights down
Roll it, spark it, puff it, pass it, get me gone
Now we’re both lifted
Our reality’s distorted
Kissin’, huggin’, squeezin’, touchin’, turn me on

And it feels like ooo
When you touch me like ooo
Then you kiss me like ooo
I’m finna overdose
Now I’m all on your ooo
I’mma give it to you
Oh baby, baby, I’m ‘bout to overdose
I’m ‘bout to overdose

Baby it’s time to go
I’m addicted to your lovin’ wanna overdose (x2)

I’m like sh*t –baby what’d you give me
This sh*t has got me feelin’ crazy
He said –Sh*t I hooked you up with that dutch
Mama cause you’re on my wave you wanna get f*cked up
So we can do it all night
Promise I’mma do you right
So gimme the light and pass the dro
Uh, leggo

So get your kush out
And baby I’ll turn the lights down
Roll it, spark it, puff it, pass it, get me gone
Now we’re both lifted
Our reality’s distorted
Kissin’, huggin’, squeezin’, touchin’, turn me on

And it feels like ooo
When you touch me like ooo
Then you kiss me like ooo
I’m finna overdose
Now I’m all on your ooo
I’mma give it to you
Oh baby, baby, I’m ‘bout to overdose
I’m ‘bout to overdose

I’m lost in these f*ckin’ smoke clouds
You touchin’ on my skin makes my p*ssy go wild
Every particle in my brown skin
Is screamin out please daddy won’t you come and do your thing
So we’re rollin’ up another blunt
Gettin’ so high I’m thinkin’ I’m about to f*ckin cum
Daydreaming while I’m lost in your eyes
So seductive while you’re deep in between my thick thighs
I’mma make it happen
I’mma take your passion
Get you to the point of no return
While the blunt burns
You’re lookin’ at my back-off thinkin’ ooo you want it
You should really see when it’s bent over ready for it
I’m gettin’ really naughty now
Should I stop? Nah, not now
I’ll get you to the finish line sooner than you think
It’ll be faster than I blink
You’ve buss

And it feels like ooo
When you touch me like ooo
Then you kiss me like ooo
I’m finna overdose
Now I’m all on your ooo
I’mma give it to you
Oh baby, baby, I’m ‘bout to overdose
I’m ‘bout to overdose

Baby it’s time to go
I’m addicted to your lovin’ wanna overdose (x4)


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

'Truth Is (Scotty's Room)' - 'Marvin's Room' Cover

Scotty Unfamous ft Paperboi EnJ, Gemma Lou and Dominiq Da Artist. Listen and download the full studio version of #ScottysRoom here


Game Decoding: What to look out for so you DON'T get gassed

Been a hot minute but I'm back bitches! Miss me? Why am I even asking; of course you did! =D My rage makes you happy and in in some twisted way it actually teaches you a thing or two.

Now I understand that there are still a vast amount of simple bitches roaming around, so Scotty is coming to the rescue with a large dose of bad assness to help save you from yourselves before the simpleness takes over completely.

In this blog I am going to fuck with the man dem a lil *evil grin* ha ha ha!
I'm going to expose a few tricks that they use to get girls to like them/give up the tunush; that's right, I am going to decode GAME.

So I've been dabbling with the idea of getting the whole of the SDTV (Swear Down TV for those who don't know) team together to do a video on this (look out for it), but until then I shall drop a few things that you lot should look out for.

1. Insults
I know some of you are probably thinking O_o what? How the hell does insulting girls count as game? If that is what you thought then you are one of the simple bitches I am trying to save.
Let me explain....
We all love a bit of banter, do we not? Right; so one of the best ways to create banter is to cuss each other. Boys will use insults in different forms. The most common is to insult you on a regular basis so that every once in a while when they drop a compliment you'll get gassed and think 'Aww, he doesn't normally say stuff like that to me. He must really mean it. =)'
I'm not saying that their compliments aren't genuine, because sometimes they are...but even then it's still a trick because more time there's an incentive behind it. He's probably trying to soften you up for something *shrug*.
Receiving compliments are nice, but I urge you to take them with a pinch of salt. Some of them say nice things to gas you; you must remain in anti-gas mode at all times. Boy's are getting smart. It's not safe out there!
The next most common form of 'insult game' is the backhanded compliment. This is where they will compliment you but insult you at the same time.
Example: 'How can you walk around with your hair looking like that? you're lucky you're pretty you know.'
See these things are tricky because your initial response is to be offened...but then you think '...He thinks I'm pretty' * initialise gassed mode*, and because it is the lesser of two evils, girls tend to laugh off the insult and focus on the compliment.
This trick works for guys because they are being nice...but not TOO nice so you can't take them for a dickhead.

2. Planting The Seed
This approach is pretty simple and to be honest both men and women can pull this off if it is done right.
Planting the seed is something that you do or say to someone to leave them wanting more. It's a form of game that does the work for you because it is built on anticipation.
Verbally, something as simple as saying 'The next time I see you I'm going to *insert something blush worthy here*' will work. If you say something like this to someone that has shown interest in you;
1: it will give them something to think about
2: the next time they are around you they will be anticipating whatever it is you told them you were going to do.
The physical version of 'seed planting' has to be done quite tentatively but sensually at the same time. This is something that is very easy to get gassed on so -as I said before -remember that it's a TRICK!
E.g. if they are telling you goodbye and they kiss you on your cheek BUT it is REAAAALLLLYYYY close to your mouth.
That wasn't an accident; they did it on purpose! Crafty fuckers!
It's one of those 'I could kiss you if I wanted to...but I'm not going to just yet. I want you to want me to do it more than you do already first so hopefully when I do put it on you you'll be so gassed that you'll allow me to go a bit further than you originally intended'.

3. Listening
This is the BIGGEST TRAP OF THEM ALL because technically THEY'RE NOT DOING SHIT! It's YOU that is enabling this to work, simple bitch.
All the boy has to do is ask you BASIC OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS then sit back and let you run off at the mouth so you can fill the silence with uninteresting, irrelevant gas. More time he's not even really listening to you; he's paying you the minimum amount of attention possible that still allows him to respond when needed
'Uh huh...yeah...ok...is it!'
The baitest one is 'How was your day?'
Once he has asked you that and you start gassing about your shitty job, how stressful uni is or who is pissing you off, he's nice! You're there tellin him about EastEnders like he gives a fuck, and he's got you on loud speaker while he's making a damn club sandwich.
To avoid making the listening teck work, keep your answers to the point and ask him questions back. It can be a 2-way gas convo.

4. Special
No matter how much you THINK a boy likes you, bear in mind that you may not be the only girl he is trying to get at.
When running game on you, boys will do/say things to make you feel special because they KNOW that if you BELIEVE you are a priority instead of an option (which you most likely are) then it is easier to get you to do things for them. They may point out how much more time they spend focused on you than any other girl, how 'different' you are to the rest, take you on dates, buy you gifts, etc; anything that will make you feel like you matter.
Even if this is genuine, it's still a tactic. BEWARE. Until you have a ring on it, you are not -I repeat NOT a priority....and sometimes even if you do have a ring, you still may not even be a priority.
The shit is fucked up man. No one is safe.

The best tip I can give you is if you are gonna allow someone to gas you, make sure it's worth the headache.

I was gonna do 5 things to look out for...but then I got bored of writing *shrug* sorry...well not really but...yeah *shrugs again*.
Anyway like I said, there will be an SDTV video on this topic soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you haven't watched SDTV before then I will assume that you are mentally retarded and a long way from bad assness. This problem can be cured if you click the 'Swear Down TV' tab at the top of my page.

So that's the end of my half-assed, over-cynical, profanity peppered help. Click the little boxes at the bottom of this post and share this post on Twitter/Facebook and wherever else you can shove it really.

Until the next time I get gassed
Love, Peace and Trees bitches

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Truth Is (Scotty's Room) - Recent Developments

Whaddup bitches!
Right, so last week I wrote and did a rough recording of my own cover for Drake's song 'Marvin's Room' called 'Truth Is (Scotty's Room)' and it went down a LOT better than I expected with my YouTube audience *takes a bow* (thanks guys =D), so this coming Monday I will be hitting up the studio to record it with a few other artists.

I'm not jumping on the music wave, I just really friggin liked this song (it's kinda bad ass) and as it turns out so do a lot of other ppl so I feel like it deserves to be recorded. So far it has 4,748 views, 329 likes and has been shared 263 times on Facebook *does a mini gassed dance* BULLET!

If you haven't heard the rough (and slightly drunken) version yet click the vid below.

The artists joining me will be @PaperboiEnJ http://twitter.com/#!/PaperboiEnJ , @DominiqDaArtist http://twitter.com/#!/DominiqDaArtist and Gemma Lou (she doesn't have a Twitter coz she's not cool).

The finished song will be available for free download on my Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/scottyunfamous (which has fuck all on it right about now) and will premier on the Swear Down TV YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/SwearDownTV .

If any of you care, here are the lyrics =)

Truth Is (Scotty's Room)

Smoking in my bedroom, tryna stop myself from thinking about you
And then I hear our song, tried switching off my feelings but I'm not that strong
And now these tears are falling, next thing I know I'm callin -you
It's all your fault, how could you be so stupid, yeah it's all your fault

You broke us, over lust
Tell me was it worth it, to have the one you love hurting
So I packed my bags, baby fuck your feelings I aint coming back
I won't be the only one with a broken heart

Fuck your sorry's, come take back your ring
Don't you say I love you, you don't know what it means
If you loved me how could you do that
You don't deserve my heart I want it back
You don't love me
You don't love me

Wish I could stop these flash backs, coz don't wanna see that
The two of you in our bed, try as I might it won't get out of my head
Damn it hurts so bad, how could you do me like that
We were supposed to be forever, now we aint even together

You broke us, over lust
Tell me was it worth it, to have the one you love hurting
I don't care what you say, keep on talkin baby it don't matter no way
I don't wanna hear it


You broke us, over lust
Tell me was it worth it, to have the one you love hurting
You promise that you'll change
It's too little too late
I wish you would stop claiming to love me
So is that why you played me, cause you love me
You don't love me
You don't love me
If you only knew what I felt for you
(You'd love me, you'd love me, you'd love me)
And one day soon you'll see you'll reach out for me
(You'll love me, you'll love me, you'll love me)


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hey dudes, hope everyone's feeling bad ass and shit. We made some new vids. Watch 'em. That is all.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Than Friends. Less Than Lovers.


So as usual I'm bored with fuck all to do, so of course that meant that it was no other than BLOG TIME *cue corny gameshow music*.
As you can see the title of this post is 'More Than Friends. Less Than Lovers.' I was going to call it 'The Grey Area' but then I assumed that that wouldn't really catch your attention so I had to spice it up.

Enough intro gas, I'm gonna get straight to it.

You meet a guy on a caj tip. You lot get to talking and shit. As time goes on you begin to see that there is actually something between you lot and now you LIKE him. I'm not talking about that regular 'He's hot I would dash 2-2 fanny his way STI-HILL' kind of like, I'm talking about them levels where you have to HIDE how much you like him coz in your head you have planned the wedding, honeymoon and picked out your kids names! O_O

Lol I'm playin, that's crazy bitch talk, but you get where I'm coming from; you LIKE HIM, like him init.

You're there like some nonce doing some lame shit like writing his name in love hearts, getting on your friends nerves coz every 2 minutes you're bringing him up in conversations even when the shit doesn't even coincide with what you lot were talking about:

Friend: So now I'm getting vex coz my manager is tryna cut back my hours_
You: ...Dwayne is so funny!
Friend: ¬_¬

, making a playlist in your iTunes with all the gassed up songs that remind you of him like say you lot are in love, these times NOTHING is gwaning with you two.

YES you around each other all the time, YES you are on the phone to him every night until stupid o'clock, YES you've met his family and his boys and everyone is diggin you, and YES you guys may have kissed and maybe a bit more (depending on what kind of girl you are *shrug*) but for some reason this boy is on some LOOOOONG TIIIIIIING like say you're name is 'Waiting Room'.

This is what I like to call the 'Grey Area'.

Call me old fashioned, but in my book I believe that it is down to the men to ask the women out (some of you may disagree but *shrug* I don't care), 1. because they're men, 2. because they're men (yes I wrote the same reason twice because I believe that that point is twice as important) and 3. it's more romantic that way *swoon*.

Some of you may be on it, but I'm not down with the whole 'women taking charge' biz. Like low it init. Can you imagine  relaying the story to people and be like '...and then I asked HIM out and he said yes!'


I think that shit looks desperate, like when women propose to men. Bitch, if he WANTED to marry YOU he would fucking ask YOU.

The way I see it, if a guy REALLY wants to be with you he will step up to the plate, the fact that you are taking it upon yourself to get the ball rolling makes it seem like you're forcing it. Obviously that is just MY personal opinion and I honestly don't expect everyone to agree with that because in this day and age it's not uncommon to see women take control...but no init :/.

So anyway now, due to the fact that neither of you are stepping up to the plate (coz he's long and you are the one with the vagina), there is now this weird overhanging 'when the fuck are we gonna make it official' aura attached to every conversation, and have you noticed how it's heightened whenever you are around each other because you are able to TOUCH and flirt like crazy which just makes the shit worse!

The shit is too friggin TENSE and frustrating as FUCKADOO (I just made that up, just roll with it, it's not stupid, it's quirky bitch) 'cause it's one of them ones where you can CLEARLY see the path you lot are supposed to follow but it's like you're stuck in the mud.

Wha gwan for dat!

At first you drop little subtle hints to give him a gentle nudge in the right direction, but you know them ones where the longer you have to wait that nudge ends up turning into a SHOVE! FUCK a hint! BRUV, I like you init, HURRY THE FUCK UP! SHIT!
Honestly, it's like locking a plate of food up in a see-through safe and putting it in front of a starving man; eventually the man is gonna try and buss that safe open!

...Maybe that comparison was a bit too VIOLENT but fuck it, sometimes a bitch needs to get violent *draws for the prison shank < I made it in Twitter Jail #Bullet*.

Now when you like someone you standardly contemplate noogin them init, but coz you LIKE this dude you want to NOOG him like a kajillion times more (and give him that SPECIAL TREATMENT SEX -you know what I mean bitches, the ones where your mind is in 'Fuck It Mode' and you release *epic movie voice* The FREAK), BUT you don't wanna give him the milk without buying the cow first.
This puts you into a predicament because you are now at WAR with your VAGINA. PEAK TIMES!

You ever been in a situation when you're around them and you lot start play fighting -or some next dumb uncreative bullshit that dude's call 'game' *rolls eyes* -and then shit starts getting a bit heated and you are on that DTF wave (that means 'Down To Fuck' for you slow bitches), but because you're in the 'grey area' you have to withdraw from the situation and correct yourself...
Do you know how much inner strength you have to summon NOT to fuck someone you WANT to fuck?!?! OMDZ AJDONNEKMFOFMMVEV DON'T RAGE ME!

Now really and truly, as you lot aint actually together you're still classed as friends, so you two still chat to members of the opposite sex from time to time (cause for some reason we need to feel like they aint got us on lock when really and truly we are dashing the key and the spare key at them) but you talk to each other the most. The other people are like reserves that you need to keep sweet just in case shit fucks up: aka BACK-UPS. You know them ones where when you talk to your back ups and the sound if their voice makes you angry cause they're not the person you really want to talk to...yeah that. Lol.

Now coz you don't wanna make it overly bait that you're ON your 'more than friends, less than lovers' dude, you tend to stray from any intense kinda convos in case you get gassed and start confessing and shit, but you know them ones when THEY have them random moments where they just put it on you and you don't know what the fuck to do with yourself. You want to go along with it cause you can FEEL the chemistry mad, but then you're a bit shook coz even though you like them, they're still your bredrin.


So the whole point of being in the 'grey area' is to eventually move over to the black section (the friend zone) or the white section (a relationship).

Now really and truly you are in the grey area cause you wanna cross over to the white section (cause let's be honest, you're their friend but you put in extra effort for them', so when it turns out that shit aint finna go down like that and you end up in the black section you get BITTER!

You know them ones where cause you lot are on the friend flex they wanna get a bit too buddy buddy and start telling you about other chicks like say they don't know that you like them. That is a shankable offence in my eyes #JustSaying #DontRageMe.

So all in all, if you are in that awkward 'more than friends, less than lovers' place and it doesn't actually amount to anything you're pissed. If it works out then well done you! #Bullet!

That's it bitches. I read what I wrote and I'm not 100% sure if it made any sense or actually had a point but I believe it was entertaining none-the-less =D


 *click the little boxes at the top and check out my other stuff at the top of my blog coz I'm cool and shit!*

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

SDTV: Fatty Boom Boom 101 (The video)

Since you lot enjoyed my Fatty Boom Boom blog post so much I decided to go ahead and make a video for it =) 

Friday, 15 April 2011


You lot saw her video, let's be honest...you KNEW this was coming. Scotty, Jigz, Dee Poetry Jay and special guest Miss Vexy discuss OG Niki live on Swear Down Radio (look out for the podcast).

Sunday, 10 April 2011



Friday, 8 April 2011

Is Romance Dead?

What's good people! 

I've been saying I was going to write this post for a bit and the urge to vent just took me by surprise so I decided to jump on my bad ass blog and drop some bad ass truths (ya'll know how I do *pops collar*)

Now as you lot should all have picked up on by now, I'm not the girliest girl around *flips the bird and laughs*, but ALAS under my tough, super cool, bad ass exterior, I am all soft fuzzy and warm (and all that other nice generic girly bullshit) -bear with me bad asses...it's about to get mushy-ish. 

I love ROMANCE. Yeah I said it, I LOVE that over the top, make you wanna cringe, Romeo and Juliet, I will love you until my last breath, tummy fluttering, heart racing, I forgot how to breathe ROMANCE...so you can imagine how perpetually annoyed I am with the way society today operates in the 'courting' (that word seems so lame to say now, like seriously, who fucking COURTS anyone these days?) department. 

What I've noticed that with our generation is that the older we get, the less romantically inclined we seem to become. Why? It makes no sense. When we were young and broke we were inventive and made an effort to woo (another lame ass word) someone, but now that we have freedom, a bit more life experience and sufficient funds to spend, we're on some bullshit. Am I the only one that thinks that that's backwards?

Now when I say romance I'm not just talking about being showered with materialistic things, I'm talking about the feelings that romance conjures that made becoming intimate with someone more epic! (I realise I am losing bad man brownie points right now, but fuck it, I'm bad ass enough to keep my overall rep intact *bullet*)

I remember when you'd meet a guy, exchange numbers -remember those? No? They're the handy things we used to use before those pieces of shit Blackberry's took over and everyone decided the the best form of conversation was to PING someone instead of ringing them to actually SPEAK to them -you'd have a few awkward convo's to get a feel for each other, eventually you'd get comfortable with each other and you'd go on a date (usually the cinema). Afterwards you'd chat a bit more, catch a bite to eat, talk some more, then he'd walk you to the bus stop and just before you parted ways you'd look at each other longingly wondering if he was gonna be fast and kiss you on the first date while you FULLY contemplated letting him do it (don't lie). 

There used to be this big epic build up to the first kiss. I dunno, it was like we would keep putting it off until we couldn't contain ourselves any more, and then finally he'd give you 'the look' and you'd look back, then look away shyly coz you realised that he was giving you that OFFICIAL 'kissing time' stare. He'd inch a little closer and you'd feel your heart speed up a little and your temperature rise, then he'd touch you (cup your chin, stroke your cheek, pull you to him by your waist yada yada yada) and you'd be closer than you had ever been to him. He'd smell of Lynx Africa (back in the day that Lynx was just standard for every man lol) and the detergent that his mum washed his clothes with, and you'd try to remember how to breathe coz it would be TENSE. By this point the 'fuck it' function in your brain had switched on and it's all systems GO! You respond to his touch, lean in slowly -like you see them do in the movies -and instinctively your eyelids get heavy. His face comes closer and you can feel the heat emitting from his skin then suddenly his lips are pressed against yours for the tester kiss (you know that gentle one just so you can both register that YES you are in fact finally kissing and WOW his lips are soft!) and once that is out of the way, the REAL kissing starts and it is fucking AMAZING! And that's all you guys do, you kiss (inappropriate groping and grinding may occur depending on how good the kiss is) but that's as far as it goes. writing that made me want to kiss someone right the fuck now *looks around the empty room* kmt ¬_¬ lol.

Now I'm not saying that that stuff is not about now, but it's one of them ones where the most likely scenario will be that you meet a guy, exchange pins/facebooks/twitters, chat to each other for a bit THEN exchange numbers. You then call each other late at night and get some harmless pillow talk, which naturally after a few calls will lead to heavier stuff, then you decide to link up, aka you go to his house, he pops in one SHIT DVD that neither of you want to watch, you snuggle up under the covers and then his hands start to wander, and the film has you so bored that fucking him wins the 'most exciting' competition easily, then boom bam, tings ah gwan init. 

This whole situation has got me wondering who's fault it is that the latter scenario is the most common. Are men to blame or women? 

On one hand I would say that men are to blame because they are the dominant sex so when it comes to dates and taking control of the more intimate situations (as our society relies on men to make the first move) and things of that nature, they hold the cards, so if they are not the romantic type then the girl deals with the standard stuff. 
Also, boys are more prone to worrying about their masculinity and what their peers will think; being a sweet boy is not really something that is viewed as 'cool' so boys tend to shy away from being that way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this is the way that all boys function because there are some more romantically inclined boys out there...I just think that they are harder to find *shrug*. 
Another point is that now more than ever men are treating women like conquests; the more girls they can get their leg over, the better, and with that mentality it would take too much time, money and effort to woo every girl they wanted to noog. 

In contrast, the blame for the decline in romance could be put on females because we have allowed ourselves to lower our standards -to a certain extent -and some of us have a warped view of how a man should be. Because romance is rarer, any piece of romance (that looks like some effort has been made) is normally enough to satisfy us e.g he invites you to his yard but HE cooks for YOU (I know nuff gyal get gassed off of dem flexes :/ like shut up init, he gave you Pot Noodle and Kool Aid with no sugar but you're there gassed on 'it's the though that counts' ¬_¬ FUCK A THOUGHT!...sorry the rage just bubble up in me for a moment there lol). 
In addition to that, some girls see men being romantic as making them appear less manly, so they in turn treat him like a prick or let that put them off of him, which I feel may be another reason as to why some boys aren't really on that flex. Men believe that the majority of women want a bad boy so that is what they aspire to be to different degrees. All of you girls that think like that need a punch in the temple! How can someone treating you the way you are SUPPOSED to be treated be a turn off? What kind of foolishness is that? 
I think another factor (which I will include myself in) is that some girls are saying 'Fuck You' to being lady like and opt for being REAL instead. The more open and honest we become, the less of a lady we appear to be, so as some of us may not act like ladies outright, boys feel no need to be gentlemen (but then that argument can work the other way too, maybe we are sidestepping being 'ladies' because there are a lack of gentlemen). 

I guess we're both to blame.

It angers me to watch romantic films/TV shows, or read tortured love stories because they gas you until you come back down to earth and realise that the chances in finding a guy that wants to indulge you in a whirlwind romance is pretty slim ¬_¬.
You know them ones where you foolishly watch Love and Basketball then reflect back on your old relationships and go 'That fucker didn't creep into my window at night like some black Zorro and take my virginity to Maxwell! Fuck him and his Chinese take away, shit DVD, tickle dick finger self!' 
Seriously, every time I read Twilight I want to beat a boy down with the hench hard back copy of Breaking Dawn 'Why the fuck can't you be like Edward? Is it too much to ask for you to immerse yourself in my very existence? ASSHOLE!'

I think that in 2011 romance should make a comeback. We all have it in us, so instead of this 'wham bam thank you mam, now get out of my house before my mum gets home' biz, we should embrace the intensity of the love songs that we sing along to. 

If you're gonna look for a partner look for someone to fall in love with rather than someone to fuck and dash weh. The world would be a better place dudes *sings and sways* What the world needs now, is love sweet love.

But anyway, I dunno whether I made all the points that I wanted to make but man's tired init. 

Love, Peace and Trees x

Monday, 4 April 2011

Scotty Loves: Katy Perry E.T. ft Kanye West

Ok so after I watched that fake rock and roll song I came across the bad ass Katy Perry's new video with Kanye West; E.T. (Extra Terrestrial for you slow ones). The video is VERY eclectic because of the alien theme, but it gets the point across. I don't like the vid all that much to be honest, but the song is infectious. The beat, the melody, her vocals and Kanye all mashed together makes this a very sexy pop banger. I will illegally download this GOOD! Check it out:

Porcelain Black 'This Is What Rock and Roll Looks Like' Ft Lil Wayne

So I came across this video on YouTube's fancy pants VEVO section and being a bit of a rocker myself I thought I'd check it out. Since the Kings of Leon came out with 'Sex On Fire' rock music has been criticised as being too mainstream so I thought that with a song with this title that Porcelain Black (formerly known as Porcelain and the Tramps, which is a WAY cooler name if you ask me) would bring rock back to reality. I was wrong. I checked out their older stuff and it was a lot more hardcore than the watered down version of them now.

I'm kind of on the fence about the song because I thought that it was going to be a genuine rock song but it's more like a harsher version of Ke$ha (minus the glitter but with the whorism amped up a couple hundred notches).

You know those artists that you see and you think 'you're not going to be around for very long', this is the feeling I get with this Porcelain Black. She is definitely what Rock and Roll looks like, but she definitely doesn't sound like it. I will say that she does have the voice for it, but that techno/rock/pop thing she is doing is a bit...meh!

She seems like an industry puppet to be honest. If she sing the songs her voice is meant to sing then she may have half a chance. I don't HATE the song but I'm not a fan either. We'll just have to wait and see with this one.

Swear Down TV Update

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Friday, 1 April 2011


'Sup dudes. Now I realise that the title of this post is either coming across as hostile or kinky but I can assure you that it is not hostile....kinky....maybe...depends on how you view it and what mess I actually end up saying through the course of it.

Now before you guys continue reading I am going to explain what this post is about so if it's something that is not really up your street you can navigate off this page and stop wasting your time (well, I wouldn't really count reading my stuff as a waste of time but for the sake of arguement let me just put it that way).

This post is going to be about VAMPIRES!

Ahhh see, now the whole 'Bite Me' title makes sense right?

Now I imagine a few of you less awesome beings are now using your mouse to close this page so I shall bid you goodbye until I come up with a topic that tickles your fancy. No don't apologise, It's okay, I understand...a little :/. To be honest I'd rather that only my bad ass vamp loving readers read this because I know that they will  appreciate this.

Ok so introductory gas out f the way, time to get down to the good stuff.

Anyone that knows me (it doesn't even have to be extensively) knows that I am OBSESSED with vampires to a point where it is not actually healthy (trust me, if some vamp cornered me and said they were going to turn me I would run to them and press my damn throat against their fangs quick fast. Once I had turned I would go look one choong ting and turn him then we could be creatures of the night together for the rest of time...Ian Somerhalder watch your back init O_O).

Now let me explain my level of obsession, cause you lot actually don't understand how deep this thing goes...

  • 75% of the books that I possess (and I have a LOT of books) are vampire related
  • I have read the ENTIRE Twilight saga more than 10 times (including the Bree Tanner Novella and even the unreleased Midnight Sun)
  • I have a pair of fangs (they're some shit one that you get at a costume store so I don't wear them outside...but I am contemplating getting the individual fangs...don't look at me like that, I'm not stupid enough to get the permanent ones)
  • I watch every vampire show possible, even if it's not REALLY about vampires, as far as I'm concerened, if theres a vamp in it then I am GOOD! Have you noticed that those shows have the best soundtracks? Vampire Diaries songs are my shit!
  • I am writing my own vampire story called Venom (which you can check out on my Wattpad http://www.wattpad.com/512738-venom )
  • My desktop and most themes on my phone/computer is a picture of one vamp or another 
  • and much to my delight my parents actually call me 'vampire 'because I tend to sleep all day and be up all night. I'd so make a bad ass vampire...if only someone would bite me (looks at Damon Salvatore picture)

By now you guys are probably thinking 'Scotty...you are a fucking loser ¬_¬' and to those of you that may feel that way I say 'Screw you guys, only COOL people fuck with vamps' *high 5 all the #TeamVampire massive* bullet.

If I'm being honest, I think that the reason so many people find vampires appealing is because they are very sexual creatures, even when they are not being sexy. They just have this air about them that  screams 'I am a sex god' all the damn time. Everything about them is so intense, so animalistic, so powerful, so...OOOWEEE!

Aside from when it's one of those savage 'I'm gonna tear out your throat bitch' bites, they make being bitten look better than fucking sex itself. Many a time I have watched Bill bite Sookie (these are characters from the popular HBO show 'True Blood' for those that don't know) and I think O_O...'Well God damn! He aint even nice and I would let him bite me same way!' (don't look at me like that, you know you've thought it too) though to be honest I would prefer to be bitten by Eric's sexy ass (I know you've definetly thout THAT).

My goodness if Edward Cullen doesn't make a bitch wish she could NOT have sex with him! The way he does NOT have sex with Bella is fucking EPIC ta rass. I would so hold hands with him *swoon* we could NOT have sex with each other all flippin day and it would be heaven!

Now there is the whole downside of the fact that they are DEAD which kind of puts you off them...a little...but then you realise that they are all HOT tortured/broody/with an evil streak (bad boy fantasy sorted)/worldy/rich/filled with angst, and apparently vamp sex is DA SHIT, so that whole 'dead' thing becomes less of an issue...well to me anyway *shrug*.

I realise the more I speak about them, the neekier I sound but I actually don't care. I LOVE THEM.

I would like to take this moment to thank Stephenie Meyer for making Vampires the IN thing again because she has actually made my world a better place...by that I mean vamp stuff is a LOT more accessible. By the way, if you haven't read the Twilight saga, you suck ass! That shit will make you wanna go find a white man, gel his hair into one fucked up style, then dash some glitter on him *yeah bitch, sparkle for me*. Boom bam, he's you're very own Edward Cullen. You may now hold hands and let him smell your skin then tell you how are like a drug to him then get the best hand hold of your LIFE! That is some romance fo yo ass aint it!

Now I feel that after droning on about them I feel that is is only right that I list the hottest vamps
5. Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
4. Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac
3. Alexander SkarsgÄrd as Eric Northman
2. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
1. Ian Somerholder as Damon Salvatore

Right so I couldn't think of anything else to say but now I have a strange hankering to read Twilight again so I can swoon over Edward and then get angry that boys out there aren't like him. I want someone to watch me sleep and tell me that I am their life then constantly battle with themselves for wanting me so much dammit! Bella is living the fucking DREAM I tells ya!

Ok I'm done being neeky now (by neeky I meant SUPER COOL).
Later guys

Thursday, 31 March 2011

I Aint Slapped A B*tch In 2 Weeks!

What's cracka-lackin bitches?

I was on Twitter having myself a merry old time, when I got dashed in Twitter Jail for being too fucking bad ass, so I decided to write this post to pass the time and hopefully by then end of it I shall be free and able to continue my reign of awesomeness.

Right so lemme just dash the topic out there; I'm gonna talk about BITCHES!

My God I can't stand a bitch! They put rage in my chest and make me want to punch them in the MOUTH with knuckle dusters so every time they look in the mirror and see their bussup mouth, they are reminded that they need to stop chattin shit!

Now, whether we want to admit it or not, each of us has a bitchy streak in us that may rear its ugly head every now and then (boys this includes you too), but on the whole we're good peoples.

Now when I say bitches I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about them pure, hardcore, full time, miserable ass BITCHES! You know the ones that are angry/bitter/lonely/miserable all the fucking time so they feel the need to get at other people so they feel better about themselves; or the ones that are toooooo gassed on their own existence that they feel that they can talk to people anyway they feel; or the ones that are convinced that everyone hates on them when in reality no one fucking LIKES them? Yeah them.

Chicks like that make you understand why some girls say they prefer to hang around with dudes. Generally boys are easier to jam with because a majority of them do not have that unappealing characteristic and I assume that they stray from being that way inclined because of the way that society views the male personality; so does that mean that bitches act the way they do because that behaviour is expected of women?

You ever met a bitch and thought 'One day someone is going to FUCK yo ass the hell up and I will stand there and CHUCKLE until I get cramps in my belly!' or it's been so tense that you have considered taking a rock to their face your damn self (I know I have) .

More time you will find that bitchy women tend to be the ones with the biggest insecurity issues so their attitude is their basic defence mechanism.

I was mulling it over and I think that bitches have something in common with the common WHORE. Haven't you found that they all seem to have these deep rooted issues that make them act that way and they will use those issues as an excuse? That's what slags do alie?

I personally think that it's a poor excuse. Shit that happens in your past does NOT give you the right to treat people they way you do in your present because it's not the worlds fault and  there is always someone that has had it worse off than you that turns out to be a lovely person so really and truly you have no legs to stand on. Stop being a PRICK!

Girls that use the past to propel their stink attitude is like boys that get their heart broken ONE TIME that then decide to start hating every female on the planet. It's silly.

In my mind I believe that all bitches should learn how to FIGHT because sooner or later your mouth WILL get you into trouble...or you could just stop being such a fucking ASSHOLE *shrug* whichever one takes your fancy.

Stupid faces!

NO, that wasn't a good fucking acronym, but I couldn't think of one that made logical sense so I just dashed in random words that I associate with what I think a bitch is. I tried a ting and I FAILED but so the fuck what! If you can come up with a better one be my fucking GUEST!

This wasn't meant to be any kind of deep earth shattering blog post, I just felt to rant and that's what I did. Cool.

Click those little buttons at the bottom or YOU COULD LEAVE A FRIGGIN COMMENT! That would be fucking GREAT!

I am awesome and now I am out! Deuces douches!