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Friday, 14 January 2011

Little Girls Need To Stop Opening Their Legs ¬_¬

Hey readers, hope everybody's feelin bad ass and all that good shit. I'm back with another little rant (I should rename the damn blog Scotty Rants coz all I do on here is cuss about shit), this one is about FAST ASS LITTLE GIRLS (breathes and takes a moment to control rage).

Over the past week I have had a few similar questions on my Formspring where friends are telling about how their friends are carry on like some everyday DIRTS.

Now, there are girls that carry on like dirts anyway (we women with self respect are still struggling to understand these loose pussy antics) but it seems that there is no age limit to the dirtism (yes I did just make that word up, and what!). How can I have more than 1 person asking me what to about their 12 YEAR OLD bredrins sexing man? O_O 


First of all, I don't believe that the legal age to start fucking is high enough anyway, I think it should be 18 because when you're 16 YOU'RE STILL A FUCKING CHILD! I don't give a FUCK if you are in college and you feel like you are grown, YOU'RE NOT! That being said, from 16 is not a big enough age for you to be getting your grown woman on, how the FUCK do some of you figure that anything below that is?


At them ages you probably aint even got no substantial amount of breasts, pubes or even a fucking PERIOD, so why do you assume that it's legit for you to be spreading your legs?

Now I was racking my brain trying to think of who exactly these little fresh out of PRIMARY SCHOOL12 year olds were sexing and I figured that they probably got gassed by some older boy cause that just always seems to be the case ¬_¬, (I don't rate NO MAN that will sex up little girls, low them paedophile flexes, go look gyal your own age you tramp) because aint no 12 year old boy got any tools sufficient enough to THOROUGHLY  deal with a poom poom (these times they've got them premature year 7 willies and who really wants to waste their time with that?).

I really cant comprehend why girls of these young ages are doing these things coz when I was 12 I wasn't interested in getting DICK, much less BOYS. When I was 12 boys still had the friggin lurgies (or however u spell that chupidness), and the only boys that I even batted an eyelash at were the ones that resided between the pages of Word Up, Right On and Black Beat magazines (holla if you hear me).

Every time I make a public appearance (I'm playing) and I'm forced to be around these dickhead little girls that are still in school and talking about which boys house they were at and all the FUCKERIES that they were doing I get instant rage in my chest. You know when you hear them talking like that and you just feel to MORPH into their MUM and give them one dirty FUCK lick in their face 

O_O *BAM* "Who is T.Man?" *BAM* "What the fuck were you doing at his house? You told me that you were at Keisha's house you likkle dutty rass" *BAM* "You let him put his what in your where?" *BAM BAM BAM KAMAEHAMAHAAAAAAAA.......SONIC BOOOOOM*


I will be the first one to hold up my hands and say that sex is the shit. Aint nothing better in this world than some GOOD DICK (can I get a AMEN). We must all praise Trey Songz for inventing sex because the shit is AMAZING, so amazing that it is worth waiting for.

The thing that these girls FAIL to understand is that SEX ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE. Dick will be around until the end of time so why are you fasting up yourself to get some?

Those of you that choose to buss your cherry way before your time are going to end up with 2 things: a bucket pussy and a bad rep. Don't let boys or your fast ass friends gas you into sleeping with someone.

*Serious face*
Sex is meant to be an intimate act between two people that care about each other and in this day and age it seems as if our generation has forgotten that. We're all about links and one night stands, and it seems that relationships come into the equation less often than they should.

Going a little off topic: Girls (young and old) let me say this now; YES the whole double standard between men and women is unfair but the fact of the matter is that boys can get away with being slags and not be judged for it; THE RULES ARE NOT THE SAME FOR YOU. You can try to defend your actions and preach all you want, but at the end of the day in society's eyes YOU'RE STILL A HOE. If you want to have lots of sex then fine, but keep your tunush exclusive (it's the way forward).

I feel better now that that is off of my chest. =D

By now you lot should know the deal; if you want to get at me or check out what else I dabble in the links are at the top of my blog page under the banner.

Until the next time I get angry about some shit, stay bad ass Y)

Love Scotty

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