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Thursday, 31 March 2011

I Aint Slapped A B*tch In 2 Weeks!

What's cracka-lackin bitches?

I was on Twitter having myself a merry old time, when I got dashed in Twitter Jail for being too fucking bad ass, so I decided to write this post to pass the time and hopefully by then end of it I shall be free and able to continue my reign of awesomeness.

Right so lemme just dash the topic out there; I'm gonna talk about BITCHES!

My God I can't stand a bitch! They put rage in my chest and make me want to punch them in the MOUTH with knuckle dusters so every time they look in the mirror and see their bussup mouth, they are reminded that they need to stop chattin shit!

Now, whether we want to admit it or not, each of us has a bitchy streak in us that may rear its ugly head every now and then (boys this includes you too), but on the whole we're good peoples.

Now when I say bitches I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about them pure, hardcore, full time, miserable ass BITCHES! You know the ones that are angry/bitter/lonely/miserable all the fucking time so they feel the need to get at other people so they feel better about themselves; or the ones that are toooooo gassed on their own existence that they feel that they can talk to people anyway they feel; or the ones that are convinced that everyone hates on them when in reality no one fucking LIKES them? Yeah them.

Chicks like that make you understand why some girls say they prefer to hang around with dudes. Generally boys are easier to jam with because a majority of them do not have that unappealing characteristic and I assume that they stray from being that way inclined because of the way that society views the male personality; so does that mean that bitches act the way they do because that behaviour is expected of women?

You ever met a bitch and thought 'One day someone is going to FUCK yo ass the hell up and I will stand there and CHUCKLE until I get cramps in my belly!' or it's been so tense that you have considered taking a rock to their face your damn self (I know I have) .

More time you will find that bitchy women tend to be the ones with the biggest insecurity issues so their attitude is their basic defence mechanism.

I was mulling it over and I think that bitches have something in common with the common WHORE. Haven't you found that they all seem to have these deep rooted issues that make them act that way and they will use those issues as an excuse? That's what slags do alie?

I personally think that it's a poor excuse. Shit that happens in your past does NOT give you the right to treat people they way you do in your present because it's not the worlds fault and  there is always someone that has had it worse off than you that turns out to be a lovely person so really and truly you have no legs to stand on. Stop being a PRICK!

Girls that use the past to propel their stink attitude is like boys that get their heart broken ONE TIME that then decide to start hating every female on the planet. It's silly.

In my mind I believe that all bitches should learn how to FIGHT because sooner or later your mouth WILL get you into trouble...or you could just stop being such a fucking ASSHOLE *shrug* whichever one takes your fancy.

Stupid faces!

NO, that wasn't a good fucking acronym, but I couldn't think of one that made logical sense so I just dashed in random words that I associate with what I think a bitch is. I tried a ting and I FAILED but so the fuck what! If you can come up with a better one be my fucking GUEST!

This wasn't meant to be any kind of deep earth shattering blog post, I just felt to rant and that's what I did. Cool.

Click those little buttons at the bottom or YOU COULD LEAVE A FRIGGIN COMMENT! That would be fucking GREAT!

I am awesome and now I am out! Deuces douches!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


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Monday, 28 March 2011

Case of the EX

I was going to do a blog about why women seem to have this strange predilection (that means ‘liking’ you simple bitches) for bad boys when I thought of a topic that was a smidgen more interesting and would allow me to get angry as I wrote it (I'm funnier when I'm pissed off *shrug* wouldn't it actually be funny if you lot actually read this and DON'T laugh lol...¬_¬ you'd better fucking laugh!)

So any who, (pointless hostility aside) I'm gonna jump on this topic and try to go IN without sounding like sound bitter bitch -which I most certainly am not *whistles awkwardly* I'M NOT MAN, GET OFF MY NUTS! SHIT! (You know them ones where you start trying to discuss your ex in a calm and collected manner...and you think of all the bullshit they done and the RAGE of BABYLON SCORNED explodes in your chest and you start looking for a sharp instrument to cut off their dick with...no? OK uppity bitch, I guess that's just me.)

I was going to do a Swear Down TV vid on this with my girl but she is on some LONG TING (you know who you are bitch), so until then this blog will have to do.

To be perfectly honest, I think EXES ARE DANGEROUS!

WHY are exes dangerous?

There really is only ONE good reason and it is that these mofo's have the ability to MANIPULATE your ass, ESPECIALLY if the relationship was serious. They know all your habits, your likes, your dislikes, you hopes, your fears...your turn ons...*whistles awkwardly again* you get my drift. DANGEROUS!

Me personally, I don't really keep in contact with my exes, it's not my thing. If I see them I see them, if I don't *shrug* OH WELL! Generally I'm on talking terms with most of them, but you know them exes that need to get LOCK OFF to the point where unless you tell someone they will NEVER guess that you two even KNOW each other...yeah that. 

Can I say this though...FUCK this we can still be friends BULLSHIT; that is nothing but an invitation for post-relationship DRAMA!

I only think that exes can GENUINELY be friends if the relationship was short-lived (granted that no one caught feelings, and they didn't do something to piss you off.) If the relationship was serious then the shit just aint gonna work until a GOOD couple years have passed...-and you've moved onto bigger and better things that you can throw in their face like a high paying fancy pants job, a loving husband/wife, cute ass kids and a big ass house. Anything that shows them that you have upgraded. Common example; you know them times when you see them on road and you look like a million dollars but they look like MONOPOLY MONEY and you think to yourself 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA' -you feel NICE alie (don't try stunt like you don't coz I know you ALL do, yes man dem even you!)

That being said, I guess if you really look at it you haven't REALLY gotten over shit if you're happy to flaunt shit at them *shrug* oh well, that may be as close as some of us get dammit!

When you were in a relationship with this person you went through the 4 stages -which I like to call 'The Road to EPIC DISAPPOINTMEMT'.

There's the bait 'Honeymoon Period' where everything about them is adorable, their jokes are funny, you may slip up every now and then with some crazy flexes (like watching them sleep or  sniffing them coz they smell really good), you overlook annoying habits cause you like them so damn much, and of course THE 24HR MIND BLOWING SEX (ok I know it's not really 24 hours, but you can get pretty damn close).

After this period is over you get to stage 2 of 'The Road to EPIC DIASSAPOINTMENT': Coasting. This is where you guys are still sort of loved up and you know a bit more about them cause all the time you used to spend nooging has now been exchanged for conversation every now and then. This is the stage where your partner starts to lose their mystery and you start seeing pattern in their behaviour i.e. their habits.

Between this stage and the next on is where you may fall in love with them. This is not a definite as some people are just UNLOVEABLE!

The next stage is COMFORTABILITY. All the mystery is now OBLITERATED and you both decide that you know each other well enough to stop trying to keep up appearances (he stops taking you out as much as he used to...you stop shaving you legs...and somehow you both think that it's ok to fart in front of each other. That’s LOVE! Lol.)

Finally the last stage: RAGE!

EVERY little thing they do gets on your last nerve (why is he/she breath so fucking loud, and what is that frigging beating sound coming out of their chest? Lord please make it stop!) You lot argue about bullshit that never used to matter (why didn't you put a coaster down? Now look what you've done...LOOK! Do you see that...huh...do you see it? YES, it's a friggin water ring on my fuckin table you JERK! *gets a coaster and slams it down and puts the drink down on top of it in a hostile manner* THAT'S HOW THE FUCK YOU AVOID THOUGHTLESS MISSHAPS LIKE THIS DOUCHEBAG!' Then of course these little arguments move onto real arguments (which may bring on makeup sex :) but not so much lol).

Eventually shit goes super wrong and someone decides that they've had enough. Boom! Relationship done and you now have a brand shiny new ex. Congratulations!!!!

Here’s where the EX-FACTOR comes in...

You thought that you lot being apart would solve your issues right? WRONG! Now you have a whole bunch of new bullshit to deal with. The main problem will always be that ya'll are not together anymore so you have to control how you react to their CRAP (which is hard as fuck when they are adding fuel to the rage fire in your chest with their foolishness)!

Some exes may wish to keep in contact and coz you don't want to be childish  you try to make the friendship work but it just makes you angrier coz now you are listening to them complain and talk about the same dead shit that you didn't give a flying FUCK about when you were with them.

Another problem with this talking biz is that the past gets dragged up and you feel like now you have to talk about how you really feel about shit (it can get a bit emotional...peak...very peak).

A NEXT problem is the 'hanging out' thing, coz (let's be honest) we all feel like we should get one last noog in before we let them go completely.


It's like Samantha says in Sex and the City –“Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it's good, you don't have it anymore. If it's bad, you just had sex with an ex.” < aint that the friggin truth. I tend to experience the latter :/ and when that happens I always think 'Were you that shit the whole time?' and then I start thinking that my feelings for them GASSED me into thinking that what they were giving me was acceptable. After that thought has rolled around in my head for a while I then think 'Maybe you just weren't trying as hard as you used to coz we're not together anymore.' And then I get even more vex.

Messing with an ex is waaaaay too much head ache!

Exes are why people take drugs! LOL well not really, but it's nice to blame someone init =)

Of course we also have those exes that refuse to accept that things are over and use the whole hanging out thing to try and get back with you, or it's a thing where you are blatantly airing them and they won’t take the hint ¬_¬ FUCK OFF INIT.

To be honest I could rage about this shit for yonks but I feel that I have made my point. Unless you actually like them in a friendly way, exes suck ass!

Thank you and good night 

Oooh d'you like my new layout? No? Well screw you, I don't care!

Right so I redesigned my blog. It doesn't look fantastic coz I'm shit at designing stuff properly (I tend to over do things =D) but at least it's not my shooting star and fairy love crap that I had b4. This is at least a small step up right? I was gassed on MJ last night so I went with an MJ theme coz he is bad ass. I don't actually know what to blog about just yet so I'll think of something and then come back and chat shit =)

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hey ya'll =D

So I'm on Twitter right (I may as well stop saying that because I say it in almost every friggin post like I friggin LIVE on the damn thing :/) and then I see someone start tweeting about riots, then a next person tweets about Top Shop getting fucked up, so naturally I am intrigued. 

I decide to tune into the news only to see that some over excited protesters have taken things a step too far and are mashing up Oxford Street to express their dislike for the public finance cuts.

The Protest began in Hyde park where  Ed Miliband (Labour leader) came out to address an audience of over 250,000 protesters about the cuts our government is making in order to take the country out of the debt that THEY put us in. 

To be perfectly honest I think a majority of the British population agrees that the government are taking the piss. They need to stop making all these damn cuts and take money from other shit that we don't fucking WANT or NEED, like the new million £ double decker buses (the ones we have are fine thanks ¬_¬), all the random road works that they are doing for no damn reason, the Olympic stadium, fixing up East London like it will make it less of a shit hole ¬_¬ (no offence Eastenders...but let's be honest, you're ends are kind of :( ), funding the soilders that they have posted in Iraq and Libya (these times their issues have FUCK ALL to do with us!). 

Instead of saving their millions of pounds for something useful they splash it on dumb shit like we're rich, and in the end we, the public, have to pay for it. WHY? WHO TOLD YOU TO SPEND OUR TAX MONEY ON CHUPIDNESS!

The whole situation SUCKS ASS, especially for the younger generations because we're the ones who are going to have to suffer the most. £9,000 tuition fees, no EMA and these BOGUS public transport fares! What is this friggin country coming to? What happened to 40p bus fares and £1 1 day bus passes?  Why am I paying £1.30 to go 20 minutes down the road on some frowzy ass bus with people that don't bathe. WHY?!? (Of course there are more pressing issues that I could mention but I'm trying to make this thing mildly entertaining and relateable. If you want all the fancy pants facts, go look a newspaper).

So anyway, all in all the march -which ran from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park -was relatively calm...until a group of 300-400 DICKHEADS dress like a pack of ASBO NINJA'S decided to wild out. 

How they thought that mashing up one of London's main tourist attractions was going to HELP the situation I have no idea. These fake Taliban warriors lit a damn bonfire in Oxford Circus (¬_¬ all right GUY FAWKES), threw light bulbs full of AMMONIA at Feds, smashed the windows of Top Shop and banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland then covered the buildings with paint, BROKE INTO HSBC and Santander, and threw what the media are calling 'MISSILES' (I think that's a bit dramatic but ok) at the Ritz Hotel. On top of all that BULLSHIT these samurai's are fighting police. ¬_¬ They are NOT winners!

I love how the media is highlighting that Top Shop got fucked up like it friggin' matters! LOL it's a flippin clothes shop, get over it. Banks got broken into! Somehow I think that kinda tops some overpriced highstreet shop #justsaying.

So far 7 people have been injured due to this fuckery and 13 people have been arrested. ¬_¬ I get that you're upset, we all are, but was all of this REALLY necessary? Why not just march and done? 

I wrote a whole lot more....but I deleted it (you know when you get that 'Fuck the government RAGE in your chest and you start going in on their whole bullshit set up...yeah that.) I only intended to write about the riot and I have so there you go.

My final thought that I would like to express is: THIS IS WHY PEOPLE SHOULD BEAT THEIR KIDS! Do you think MY child could ever jump on some ig'nant foolishness like that and SURVIVE! You know when the throught wouldn't even cross their mind because they would KNOW! Bruck up which bank? Dash ammonia filled lightbulbs at WHO? O_O I beg you don't rage me.

So that's it. Maybe this was insightful for those of you who didn't understand what was going on aside from the fact that a few hundred people were on some bullshit.

Love Scotty

Friday, 25 March 2011

Chris Brown: F.A.M.E Album Review

Whaddup fellow bad asses...and the rest of you *shrug*.

Soooo, I'm just gonna assume that you guys read my last post about Keri Hilson and C. Breeze's new vid 'One Night Stand' -if you didn't then you are counted as 'the rest of you' because EVERYTHING I post on here must be read several times so that it sinks in completely because my opinion on anything is that friggin VITAL to your existence =D (plus, it will help you non-bad asses on your long, strenuous journey to bad ass-ness).

Ok so I've been chatting shit for long enough, time to get back to the main topic.

Right, so as I was saying, the One Night Stand video GASSED MY LIFE! That teamed with the way that EVERY-friggin-BODY is so gassed off of Breezy's new album like they've been SNIFFING the damn thing made me extremely curious, so I went and checked it out on YouTube (when I say checked it out I meant I listened to a rebore snippet version someone posted so that people can get a feel for it).

After listening to the snippet I decided that you lot were all fucking stupid because the damn thing is not as EPIC as you are making it out to be ¬_¬, so instead of purchasing it like I planned, I DOWNLOADED IT. *Mean mug* SAY SUTTIN BIATCH!

To be honest, after WASTING my hard earned money on Chris's last album 'Graffiti (which is practically a pile of dog shit, may I add) I wasn't too convinced that spending my money on another one of his albums was a bright idea. Graffiti was a TRICK because he released that club banger 'I Can Transform Ya', which lead us to believe that after his epic fall from grace, that he was gonna come hard on the album. In actuality there were a few measly bangers and the rest was a bunch of bullshit 'I'm sorry' songs to Rihanna. FAIL!

ANYWAY; back to F.A.M.E >>

As I am writing this blog I am playing 'F.A.M.E'....O_O I'm six songs in and MY FUCKING GOD YOU LOT WERE RIGHT! The snippet version did not do it justice AT ALL!

THIS ALBUM FUCKING ROCKS! Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E  gets Scotty's Bad Ass Stamp of Approval!

I have not even had the slightest urge to skip one track yet *starts Vogue-ing to 'Yeah x3'*. This album is definitely up there with Chris's first 2 LP’s (it may even be better than Exclusive).

I know I don't know him so this will sound like some dickhead super fan bullshit, but I am actually UBER proud of Chris for producing an album of this calibre. This one of those universal albums (kinda like an MJ album...but just not as epically, mind-blowingly amazing...but it's on that wave) where there is something for everyone.  It is actually extremely difficult to dislike it.

Celebrity features include Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber (don't ask me why ¬_¬ -FUCK A BIEBER!), Ludacris (BRAAAP), Wiz Khalifa, Timbaland, Game and a few others that I didn't deem important enough to mention. There is an eclectic mix of Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop and R’n’B and each track leaves you wanting more. This boy better win some fucking AWARDS for this shit!

As he redeemed himself on this album hopefully people will get off his back about the whole Rihanna situation (which, I would like to point out, is no one else's business but theirs) and actually start appreciation what a good artist he is again.

Well Done Chris! Your blonde hair still looks fucking stupid (Crisqo haha), but since you have tatted yourself up and started swearing in your songs (and generally become MANISH) I will low you coz you're fucking H.O.T.T -HOT! *slow grinds to 'Wet The Bed'*

So yeah, that's my review dudes. If I hadn't already downloaded it I would actually buy it...but it’s too late for that now *shrug*. Don't let my earlier pessimistic cheapness influence you, *Missy Elliott voice* COP THAT DISC!

Later dudes! ;)


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Keri Hilson ft Chris Brown - One Night Stand #ScottyLoves

So it's like 1:45am and I am at my  laptop rebelling against the sand man (coz bad man don't go to bed early) when I decide to click on Facebook. I lazily scan my newsfeed when I see that Monique (big ups!) has posted the new Keri Hilson and Chris Brown video One Night Stand. I was bored so I clicked on it.

O_O Best decision I have made today!

Seriously dudes, I now respect Keri Hilson again (if you are wondering as to when it was I lost it, that would be around the time where she released that filth flarn filth video to The Way You Love Me; you remember, the one where she was thrusting her scantily clad coochie in our faces over and over...yeah that!)

So anyway, what made me more inclined to watch this video was the HYPE that everyone has been making over Breezy's new album (which after watching this video I may actually go out and buy...or download...whichever one feels right at the time *shrug*). The song is actually on Keri's album 'No Boys Allowed' but no one has gassed that up on Twitter so she shall not be receiving a penny from me (unless anyone can tell me that her album is also the shiznit!).

Right, so the vid starts with sum next song and finally fades into the track.

People, the 90s are BACK like a heart attack from cooked crack!

They fucking IMPRESSED my ass. The beat is infectious, the melodies and harmonies are SPOT ON and the video itself is reminiscent of an old Aaliyah and R. Kelly vid. It's friggin PERFECT!

This song has definetly made it onto my certified slow jam list. You know them REAL slow jams that ppl like Jodeci, Dru Hill, Adina Howard, Xscape, TLC etc used to make? *Katt Williams voice* This shit right here n*gga, this shit right here n*gga, this shit is on DEM levels. It's one of them ones where you hear it and you can't help but feel ur inner sexy beast try to sneaky creach out of you. Real talk; you remember back in the day when fucking to music was the 'in' thing and you had a sex playlist; this song would so be on there.

This video has gassed me so much that I am actually starting to like Chris's blonde hair (don't it twisted, it still makes him look a bit suspect, but he's actually so frigging BITEABLE in this video that I will low him.)

I am so happy that REAL R'N'B is making a comeback. This is what the fuck all these wayward R'n'B artists need to jump back on.

Keri and Chris #ISaluteYou

I’m Not single, I’m Waiting...

Okay, so I'm not like a poet or anything (it turns out that I'm just universally awesome #gofigure lol) but I wrote this poem last year and I think it's kinda bad ass and as I genuinely couldn't be bothered to blog something new I thought FUCK IT; I'mma just repost some old ass shit.

This poem is called 'I'm Not Single, I'm Waiting...' and I think that it embodies the way that most 'single' women feel....or it could be just me *shrug*; whatever.

Anywho, here it is dudes and dudettes:

I’m Not single, I’m Waiting... - By Her Royal Bad Assness, Scotty Unfamous

I’m not single, I’m waiting
Waiting for the person that makes the days seem shorter because I’ll never fall into daydreams of boredom wishing for something better to come along

I’m not single, I’m waiting
Waiting for the moment when everything is real again, when my life comes to life and everything around me seems all the more beautiful because I’m sharing it with them

I’m not single, I’m waiting
Looking forward to the heated kisses of new infatuation, the electricity of innocent contact as simple as his leg pressing against mine as we sit; feeling his warmth, making me want to get closer to him

I’m not single, I’m waiting
To look into the eyes of the person with no hidden agenda, no games, only the beautiful truth that he wants to fall in love with me someday

I’m not single, I’m waiting
Keeping my guard up till someone worthwhile who makes me smile and laugh and gossip to my friends about how truly amazing he is till they can’t take it anymore, tries to break my barriers down

I’m not single, I’m waiting
Waiting to claim that he is my other half and I am his and that we complete each other so perfectly that I’m scared that he is too good to be true and I’m afraid of losing him because I don’t know what I’ll do

Waiting to talk to him on the phone about nothing for hours on end until 4am and fall asleep only to wake up wanting to hear his voice again

Waiting to cry over someone who is actually worth my tears; knowing that in the end we will be ok because nothing in this world feels as right as we do even at our worst, but especially at our best

Waiting for someone who will take me as I am, flaws and all just because that is how I am and he loves me because of it and whose love will enable us to grow together and bloom into something more spectacular than what we started as

I’m not single, I’m waiting


That's a bit mushy for someone as bad ass as myself but hey, even Awesomeasaurus's have feelings and shit. So yeah dudes, rate this (or you can actually comment if you feel like taking a walk on the wild side).

Deuces x

Monday, 21 March 2011

Please Kill Rebecca Black

Hey bad asses, I'm back and on the attack! 

I haven't shared my general dislike for stupid things on here in a while as I've been busy with SDTV related things (and being 5 different types of AWESOME of course), so as I'm doing fuck all I decided to blog.

I was racking my brain for something to write about that would inspire and delight...but that was effort so I settled for taking the piss out of that DIPSHIT Rebecca Black.

This simple bitch has been trending on Twitter for the past week because of her BULLSHIT SONG; Friday. 

¬_¬ Never in my life have I wanted to slap a child so bad. 

I used to think that Justin Bieber was annoying (for no particular reason other than I enjoy disliking things that everyone else likes), but THIS BITCH has robbed his crown as DICKHEAD OF THE YEAR. She's like a Disney kid that didn't quite make it, crossed with a retard.

Now this song of hers is worse than Kim Kardashian's failed attempt at music. She can't fucking sing (and what makes it worse is that they use autotune and all that other studio junk to try and make it better and she still sounds like a cat that is getting run over repeatedly with a push bike. I mean REALLY; do you know how WHACK your voice has to be to sound bad with AUTOTUNE!?! FAIL!), she has a stupid face (you know those faces that make you want to punch it), the video is high end BUDGET, and the lyrics ¬_¬ let me put it this way...she sounds like she repeated the 3rd grade several times and was in the bottom set for ALL of her lessons. I refuse to believe that she will graduate with ANY qualifications (can you say G.E.D). If I'm going to base her intelligence off of her lyrical content then I would say that she should just quit school and go and apply for a job in Mc Donald's...or learn how to suck a mean dick; which ever one comes first *shrug*.

So the video starts with an animated version on her face on some rebore post-it note calender and the days of the week fly by with the stuff that she's gonna do, e.g Monday -Test today, Tuesday -More homework, Wednesday -Music practice, Thursday - some other UNINTERESTING shit that no one gives a FUCK about blah blah blah, and then it's FRIDAY- HOORAY! While this stupid calender of deadness it flicking through she is ad-libbing over it BADLY. 

So she finally starts singing (if that's what you can call it) and you see her getting ready for school, then she goes to a fake bus stop and gets in the car with her friends ¬_¬. At this point I'm thinking 'What was the point of the bus stop and why the hell are 12 year olds driving a convertible?' 

She then spends the pre-hook contemplating which seat she's going to sit in LIKE SHE HAS A FUCKING CHOICE WHEN THERE'S ONLY 1 FUCKING SEAT LEFT!

Kickin' in the front seat 
Sittin' in the back seat 
Gotta make my mind up 
Which seat can I take?


Then comes the chorus; ¬_¬ let's just say that it gives me RAGE in my CHEST whenever I hear it:

Friday, Friday
Gettin' down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend

Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
Partyin', partyin' (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin' forward to the weekend

Are you seeing what I'm saying when I say the lyrics are BASIC?

To be totally honest, when I first heard this song I thought it was a joke because it really is that BAD. How can the song have  likes but 73,632 dislikes. That like to dislike ratio is FUCKED UP! 

Sometimes I just click on the video just so I can dislike it AGAIN *clicks dislike button for the 73,633rd time* TAKE THAT REBECCA BLACK!

So as the video continues the 12 year olds are now dressed up in the convertible on the way to a party accompanied by a very obvious green screen background to hot up the fact that the are going NOWHERE. 

Can I just point out that aside from Miss Black all of the other tweens in the car are now different people. This poses the question 'who's fucking car is it?'

Now as if we all didn't thing she was mentally challenged enough before, she moves onto the bridge. These are the lyrics:

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday 
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin') 
We-we-we so excited 
We so excited 
We gonna have a ball today 

Tomorrow is Saturday 
And Sunday comes after ... wards 
I don't want this weekend to end 



Now I must say that as much of a loser that Rebecca Black is, no one is a bigger loser than this HARD BACK, FRASS FACED, FAKE BLING, GHETTO WANNABE, DISGRACE OF A BLACK MAN that actually had the CHEEK and AUDACITY to jump on the song and RAP! 

When I saw him I polished my gun and put him at the top of my hit list (Cher Lloyd you'll have to wait, I have bigger fish to fry). 

Not only did he sound like a complete and utter TWAT, but he also managed to come across a potential kiddy fiddler. Observe:

I'm drivin', cruisin' (Yeah, yeah)
Fast lanes, switchin' lanes
Wit' a car up on my side (Woo!)
(C'mon) Passin' by is a school bus in front of me
Makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream


Now I went to check the video comments to see some top class insults, but it seems that youtubers are losing there touch, so I opted for Twitter instead because that's where the real assholes reside. Here are a few of my fave Rebecca Black tweets =)

 Stewie Griffinn 
Roses are red, violets are blue, if Rebecca Black wins ANY awards, Kanye you know what to do...
 Coleen Estoque 
"she(Rebecca Black) is the reason why i support abortion." XD
 Charlie Sheen 
Rebecca Black, we don't hate you because you're famous. You're famous because we hate you.
 Asma Al Rafi 
I just read a column in Al Bayan, an Arabic newspaper, aboutRebecca Black's song earning a prize for "The Worst Song Ever"
No wonder Rebecca Black didn't take the bus, she would have had a panic attack from all the seating options.
 Adam Willis 
Rebecca Black is still stuck in my fucking head and it's been 2 days. I think I might need to kill myself.
 Hannah Fraser 
Rebecca Black:"Which seat can I take?" Me: "The electric one

If you lot haven't had the displeasure of watching this garbage and the satisfying feeling of clicking the dislike button then here is the video:

So yeah, that's all I can think of saying on that matter. Until next time my pretties *cackles and flies off on broom*