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Thursday, 31 March 2011

I Aint Slapped A B*tch In 2 Weeks!

What's cracka-lackin bitches?

I was on Twitter having myself a merry old time, when I got dashed in Twitter Jail for being too fucking bad ass, so I decided to write this post to pass the time and hopefully by then end of it I shall be free and able to continue my reign of awesomeness.

Right so lemme just dash the topic out there; I'm gonna talk about BITCHES!

My God I can't stand a bitch! They put rage in my chest and make me want to punch them in the MOUTH with knuckle dusters so every time they look in the mirror and see their bussup mouth, they are reminded that they need to stop chattin shit!

Now, whether we want to admit it or not, each of us has a bitchy streak in us that may rear its ugly head every now and then (boys this includes you too), but on the whole we're good peoples.

Now when I say bitches I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about them pure, hardcore, full time, miserable ass BITCHES! You know the ones that are angry/bitter/lonely/miserable all the fucking time so they feel the need to get at other people so they feel better about themselves; or the ones that are toooooo gassed on their own existence that they feel that they can talk to people anyway they feel; or the ones that are convinced that everyone hates on them when in reality no one fucking LIKES them? Yeah them.

Chicks like that make you understand why some girls say they prefer to hang around with dudes. Generally boys are easier to jam with because a majority of them do not have that unappealing characteristic and I assume that they stray from being that way inclined because of the way that society views the male personality; so does that mean that bitches act the way they do because that behaviour is expected of women?

You ever met a bitch and thought 'One day someone is going to FUCK yo ass the hell up and I will stand there and CHUCKLE until I get cramps in my belly!' or it's been so tense that you have considered taking a rock to their face your damn self (I know I have) .

More time you will find that bitchy women tend to be the ones with the biggest insecurity issues so their attitude is their basic defence mechanism.

I was mulling it over and I think that bitches have something in common with the common WHORE. Haven't you found that they all seem to have these deep rooted issues that make them act that way and they will use those issues as an excuse? That's what slags do alie?

I personally think that it's a poor excuse. Shit that happens in your past does NOT give you the right to treat people they way you do in your present because it's not the worlds fault and  there is always someone that has had it worse off than you that turns out to be a lovely person so really and truly you have no legs to stand on. Stop being a PRICK!

Girls that use the past to propel their stink attitude is like boys that get their heart broken ONE TIME that then decide to start hating every female on the planet. It's silly.

In my mind I believe that all bitches should learn how to FIGHT because sooner or later your mouth WILL get you into trouble...or you could just stop being such a fucking ASSHOLE *shrug* whichever one takes your fancy.

Stupid faces!

NO, that wasn't a good fucking acronym, but I couldn't think of one that made logical sense so I just dashed in random words that I associate with what I think a bitch is. I tried a ting and I FAILED but so the fuck what! If you can come up with a better one be my fucking GUEST!

This wasn't meant to be any kind of deep earth shattering blog post, I just felt to rant and that's what I did. Cool.

Click those little buttons at the bottom or YOU COULD LEAVE A FRIGGIN COMMENT! That would be fucking GREAT!

I am awesome and now I am out! Deuces douches!

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