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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Keri Hilson ft Chris Brown - One Night Stand #ScottyLoves

So it's like 1:45am and I am at my  laptop rebelling against the sand man (coz bad man don't go to bed early) when I decide to click on Facebook. I lazily scan my newsfeed when I see that Monique (big ups!) has posted the new Keri Hilson and Chris Brown video One Night Stand. I was bored so I clicked on it.

O_O Best decision I have made today!

Seriously dudes, I now respect Keri Hilson again (if you are wondering as to when it was I lost it, that would be around the time where she released that filth flarn filth video to The Way You Love Me; you remember, the one where she was thrusting her scantily clad coochie in our faces over and over...yeah that!)

So anyway, what made me more inclined to watch this video was the HYPE that everyone has been making over Breezy's new album (which after watching this video I may actually go out and buy...or download...whichever one feels right at the time *shrug*). The song is actually on Keri's album 'No Boys Allowed' but no one has gassed that up on Twitter so she shall not be receiving a penny from me (unless anyone can tell me that her album is also the shiznit!).

Right, so the vid starts with sum next song and finally fades into the track.

People, the 90s are BACK like a heart attack from cooked crack!

They fucking IMPRESSED my ass. The beat is infectious, the melodies and harmonies are SPOT ON and the video itself is reminiscent of an old Aaliyah and R. Kelly vid. It's friggin PERFECT!

This song has definetly made it onto my certified slow jam list. You know them REAL slow jams that ppl like Jodeci, Dru Hill, Adina Howard, Xscape, TLC etc used to make? *Katt Williams voice* This shit right here n*gga, this shit right here n*gga, this shit is on DEM levels. It's one of them ones where you hear it and you can't help but feel ur inner sexy beast try to sneaky creach out of you. Real talk; you remember back in the day when fucking to music was the 'in' thing and you had a sex playlist; this song would so be on there.

This video has gassed me so much that I am actually starting to like Chris's blonde hair (don't it twisted, it still makes him look a bit suspect, but he's actually so frigging BITEABLE in this video that I will low him.)

I am so happy that REAL R'N'B is making a comeback. This is what the fuck all these wayward R'n'B artists need to jump back on.

Keri and Chris #ISaluteYou

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