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Friday, 25 March 2011

Chris Brown: F.A.M.E Album Review

Whaddup fellow bad asses...and the rest of you *shrug*.

Soooo, I'm just gonna assume that you guys read my last post about Keri Hilson and C. Breeze's new vid 'One Night Stand' -if you didn't then you are counted as 'the rest of you' because EVERYTHING I post on here must be read several times so that it sinks in completely because my opinion on anything is that friggin VITAL to your existence =D (plus, it will help you non-bad asses on your long, strenuous journey to bad ass-ness).

Ok so I've been chatting shit for long enough, time to get back to the main topic.

Right, so as I was saying, the One Night Stand video GASSED MY LIFE! That teamed with the way that EVERY-friggin-BODY is so gassed off of Breezy's new album like they've been SNIFFING the damn thing made me extremely curious, so I went and checked it out on YouTube (when I say checked it out I meant I listened to a rebore snippet version someone posted so that people can get a feel for it).

After listening to the snippet I decided that you lot were all fucking stupid because the damn thing is not as EPIC as you are making it out to be ¬_¬, so instead of purchasing it like I planned, I DOWNLOADED IT. *Mean mug* SAY SUTTIN BIATCH!

To be honest, after WASTING my hard earned money on Chris's last album 'Graffiti (which is practically a pile of dog shit, may I add) I wasn't too convinced that spending my money on another one of his albums was a bright idea. Graffiti was a TRICK because he released that club banger 'I Can Transform Ya', which lead us to believe that after his epic fall from grace, that he was gonna come hard on the album. In actuality there were a few measly bangers and the rest was a bunch of bullshit 'I'm sorry' songs to Rihanna. FAIL!

ANYWAY; back to F.A.M.E >>

As I am writing this blog I am playing 'F.A.M.E'....O_O I'm six songs in and MY FUCKING GOD YOU LOT WERE RIGHT! The snippet version did not do it justice AT ALL!

THIS ALBUM FUCKING ROCKS! Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E  gets Scotty's Bad Ass Stamp of Approval!

I have not even had the slightest urge to skip one track yet *starts Vogue-ing to 'Yeah x3'*. This album is definitely up there with Chris's first 2 LP’s (it may even be better than Exclusive).

I know I don't know him so this will sound like some dickhead super fan bullshit, but I am actually UBER proud of Chris for producing an album of this calibre. This one of those universal albums (kinda like an MJ album...but just not as epically, mind-blowingly amazing...but it's on that wave) where there is something for everyone.  It is actually extremely difficult to dislike it.

Celebrity features include Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber (don't ask me why ¬_¬ -FUCK A BIEBER!), Ludacris (BRAAAP), Wiz Khalifa, Timbaland, Game and a few others that I didn't deem important enough to mention. There is an eclectic mix of Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop and R’n’B and each track leaves you wanting more. This boy better win some fucking AWARDS for this shit!

As he redeemed himself on this album hopefully people will get off his back about the whole Rihanna situation (which, I would like to point out, is no one else's business but theirs) and actually start appreciation what a good artist he is again.

Well Done Chris! Your blonde hair still looks fucking stupid (Crisqo haha), but since you have tatted yourself up and started swearing in your songs (and generally become MANISH) I will low you coz you're fucking H.O.T.T -HOT! *slow grinds to 'Wet The Bed'*

So yeah, that's my review dudes. If I hadn't already downloaded it I would actually buy it...but it’s too late for that now *shrug*. Don't let my earlier pessimistic cheapness influence you, *Missy Elliott voice* COP THAT DISC!

Later dudes! ;)


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