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Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hey ya'll =D

So I'm on Twitter right (I may as well stop saying that because I say it in almost every friggin post like I friggin LIVE on the damn thing :/) and then I see someone start tweeting about riots, then a next person tweets about Top Shop getting fucked up, so naturally I am intrigued. 

I decide to tune into the news only to see that some over excited protesters have taken things a step too far and are mashing up Oxford Street to express their dislike for the public finance cuts.

The Protest began in Hyde park where  Ed Miliband (Labour leader) came out to address an audience of over 250,000 protesters about the cuts our government is making in order to take the country out of the debt that THEY put us in. 

To be perfectly honest I think a majority of the British population agrees that the government are taking the piss. They need to stop making all these damn cuts and take money from other shit that we don't fucking WANT or NEED, like the new million £ double decker buses (the ones we have are fine thanks ¬_¬), all the random road works that they are doing for no damn reason, the Olympic stadium, fixing up East London like it will make it less of a shit hole ¬_¬ (no offence Eastenders...but let's be honest, you're ends are kind of :( ), funding the soilders that they have posted in Iraq and Libya (these times their issues have FUCK ALL to do with us!). 

Instead of saving their millions of pounds for something useful they splash it on dumb shit like we're rich, and in the end we, the public, have to pay for it. WHY? WHO TOLD YOU TO SPEND OUR TAX MONEY ON CHUPIDNESS!

The whole situation SUCKS ASS, especially for the younger generations because we're the ones who are going to have to suffer the most. £9,000 tuition fees, no EMA and these BOGUS public transport fares! What is this friggin country coming to? What happened to 40p bus fares and £1 1 day bus passes?  Why am I paying £1.30 to go 20 minutes down the road on some frowzy ass bus with people that don't bathe. WHY?!? (Of course there are more pressing issues that I could mention but I'm trying to make this thing mildly entertaining and relateable. If you want all the fancy pants facts, go look a newspaper).

So anyway, all in all the march -which ran from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park -was relatively calm...until a group of 300-400 DICKHEADS dress like a pack of ASBO NINJA'S decided to wild out. 

How they thought that mashing up one of London's main tourist attractions was going to HELP the situation I have no idea. These fake Taliban warriors lit a damn bonfire in Oxford Circus (¬_¬ all right GUY FAWKES), threw light bulbs full of AMMONIA at Feds, smashed the windows of Top Shop and banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland then covered the buildings with paint, BROKE INTO HSBC and Santander, and threw what the media are calling 'MISSILES' (I think that's a bit dramatic but ok) at the Ritz Hotel. On top of all that BULLSHIT these samurai's are fighting police. ¬_¬ They are NOT winners!

I love how the media is highlighting that Top Shop got fucked up like it friggin' matters! LOL it's a flippin clothes shop, get over it. Banks got broken into! Somehow I think that kinda tops some overpriced highstreet shop #justsaying.

So far 7 people have been injured due to this fuckery and 13 people have been arrested. ¬_¬ I get that you're upset, we all are, but was all of this REALLY necessary? Why not just march and done? 

I wrote a whole lot more....but I deleted it (you know when you get that 'Fuck the government RAGE in your chest and you start going in on their whole bullshit set up...yeah that.) I only intended to write about the riot and I have so there you go.

My final thought that I would like to express is: THIS IS WHY PEOPLE SHOULD BEAT THEIR KIDS! Do you think MY child could ever jump on some ig'nant foolishness like that and SURVIVE! You know when the throught wouldn't even cross their mind because they would KNOW! Bruck up which bank? Dash ammonia filled lightbulbs at WHO? O_O I beg you don't rage me.

So that's it. Maybe this was insightful for those of you who didn't understand what was going on aside from the fact that a few hundred people were on some bullshit.

Love Scotty

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