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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Truth Is (Scotty's Room) - Recent Developments

Whaddup bitches!
Right, so last week I wrote and did a rough recording of my own cover for Drake's song 'Marvin's Room' called 'Truth Is (Scotty's Room)' and it went down a LOT better than I expected with my YouTube audience *takes a bow* (thanks guys =D), so this coming Monday I will be hitting up the studio to record it with a few other artists.

I'm not jumping on the music wave, I just really friggin liked this song (it's kinda bad ass) and as it turns out so do a lot of other ppl so I feel like it deserves to be recorded. So far it has 4,748 views, 329 likes and has been shared 263 times on Facebook *does a mini gassed dance* BULLET!

If you haven't heard the rough (and slightly drunken) version yet click the vid below.

The artists joining me will be @PaperboiEnJ http://twitter.com/#!/PaperboiEnJ , @DominiqDaArtist http://twitter.com/#!/DominiqDaArtist and Gemma Lou (she doesn't have a Twitter coz she's not cool).

The finished song will be available for free download on my Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/scottyunfamous (which has fuck all on it right about now) and will premier on the Swear Down TV YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/SwearDownTV .

If any of you care, here are the lyrics =)

Truth Is (Scotty's Room)

Smoking in my bedroom, tryna stop myself from thinking about you
And then I hear our song, tried switching off my feelings but I'm not that strong
And now these tears are falling, next thing I know I'm callin -you
It's all your fault, how could you be so stupid, yeah it's all your fault

You broke us, over lust
Tell me was it worth it, to have the one you love hurting
So I packed my bags, baby fuck your feelings I aint coming back
I won't be the only one with a broken heart

Fuck your sorry's, come take back your ring
Don't you say I love you, you don't know what it means
If you loved me how could you do that
You don't deserve my heart I want it back
You don't love me
You don't love me

Wish I could stop these flash backs, coz don't wanna see that
The two of you in our bed, try as I might it won't get out of my head
Damn it hurts so bad, how could you do me like that
We were supposed to be forever, now we aint even together

You broke us, over lust
Tell me was it worth it, to have the one you love hurting
I don't care what you say, keep on talkin baby it don't matter no way
I don't wanna hear it


You broke us, over lust
Tell me was it worth it, to have the one you love hurting
You promise that you'll change
It's too little too late
I wish you would stop claiming to love me
So is that why you played me, cause you love me
You don't love me
You don't love me
If you only knew what I felt for you
(You'd love me, you'd love me, you'd love me)
And one day soon you'll see you'll reach out for me
(You'll love me, you'll love me, you'll love me)


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