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Monday, 27 December 2010

Some People Should Just GIVE UP!

Hey, hey, hey! What's good people. Just jumped on here for a random rant (plus I'm allowed to swear again so I naturally couldn't wait to post something) =D.

Anywho, I was casually filtering though all of the irrelevant rubbish in the Swear Down TV Facebook inbox earlier on and I came across a message from that Tribal Man Magz guy about the remix of Tribal Skank just being released. If you guys are on my bad ass wave then automatically the same thing that popped into my head should pop into yours: SO THE FUCK WHAT!

Seriously, as soon as I saw it I was like "Dude, who fucking cares about a remix to your DEAD OUT song? NO ONE, that's who!"

I truly don't understand how the minds of these funky artists work sometimes. The Tribal Skank song came out around March 2009 (I would just like to take this time to point out that we are 3 days away from January 2011). That song has been rinsed beyond the point of resurrection, so why would he think it was a good idea to now release the remix?

The thing that annoys me about these funky artists is that they are like one trick ponies. They luck out on a hit and ride out their fame off of that track for AGES. Even when we've all moved the hell on, they are still dragging out the fame residue from that same ONE track.

Magz isn't the only one to do this; Gracious K and Funky Dee are also culprits of not accepting that their time has long since passed.

What baffles me is that event planners still book these guys to perform these dead tracks like it's some bonus that they are going to be there ¬_¬ errrrrrr NAH!

They have made (weak) attempts of making other songs, but have eventually figured out that we don't actually like them as astists, we just like that one track coz the beat was sick/it had a good dance routine/the lyrics were catchy, so they end up going back to square one.

A PERFECT example of an artist going back to square one is Lethal B. After POW he did some other tracks which were...ok for some people to listen to (I was not one of those people) and then he just FELL OFF the map. He has recently made a return with a remix of his hit POW with other *cough* better *cough* MCs on it and it seems to be taking off...AGAIN (but lets be honest, we all love the new version because of 'BUDUDUDUDADADADA'). Lethal B has done himself no favours, because like Tribal Man, that remix should have been done AGES ago and the only reason he decided to revive the flippin song is because his career was deader than the song itself (and to be honest it still is, 'cause what is Lethal really gonna pull out of his hat next if these are the lows he had to sink to, to be relevant again? These are the questions we must as ourselves).

It goes without saying that people like MC Darke aka Ayo (aka WASTEMAN) from The Family, and Shardinay should just STOP while they are behind. NO ONE RESPECTS YOU AND THE PEOPLE THAT FRONT LIKE THEY DO ARE EITHER YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS OR SOME LEECHES THAT WANT BRING INS ON YOUR FAME! It had to be said.

Did you know that Shardinay is bringing out another version to Oh Boy ¬_¬  AND on top of that, she had the CHEEK and AUDACTIY to release a Shardinay calender like ANYONE would actually see it and think "YEAH, Shardinay is SICK. I'm gonna buy her calander and put it on my wall so I can see her face EVERYDAY for a whole year! Hooo Boyyyyy." O_O NO!

As with Shardinay, the people that run Sunday Show zeroed in on all the attention that Ayo (I want to say MC Darke but you know when I can't fully take his name seriously) was getting and let him headline their Boxing Day show because they knew that people would turn up to laugh at him (yes that is why they came, no one can tell me any different cause we all KNOW he's SHIT. 'I'm young and I'm black, surrounded by crack!' ¬_¬ Fuck off.)

The next thing I hate about these two is that people will chat shit about 'He/She is shit yeah, but you have to respect his/her hustle. No one likes her, but he/she is making money', like just because they get paid to embaress themselves that makes it okay. There are BARE good singers/MCs out there that don't get the recognition they deserve but these EPIC FAILURES do. Why is this life?

Still on the subject of Sunday Show's Boxing Day show, BlackStreet were also performing. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR that your career is over when the only performances that you do are Valentines shows (Joe/Jodeci/112 etc) or (in Blackstreet's case) the only reason that an audience is present wher you're performing is to see 'MC Darke' and you just happened to be there.

Aight last one; you know your career is OVER when you are willing to eat a DICK on NATIONAL TV -yes Aggro, I am talking to you. NO ONE respects THAT hustle no matter how much ITV paid you. You can be happy with that money all you want; eventually it will be gone but the SHAME of being a DICK EATER will still be there.

Anyway I'm bored of ranting so that is basically the end. I could have gone in on more people but it's almost 2am and thinking has become EFFORT.

Click my links at the top of the page cause I can't be asked to type them in. If there is anything you would like me to talk about, just let me know.

Love Scotty

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