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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Revenge of the Hasbeen - The Return of Raz-B

Yesterday I was gassin' to my bitches and she found a video on worldstarhiphop.com of  ex-B2K member Raz-B a.k.a DeMario Monte Thornton. 

Now B2K have been over for a good while now -it's one of them ones where they've been over so long that there is no way in hell that they could be relevant again -but of course the rejected members are still trying to hold on to their last shrivel of fame -Raz-B especially. 

Basically, in the video that he posted on WSHH he was having a phone conversation with Marques Houston and being the fully certified dickhead that he is, he decided to film it  and post it on the web ¬_¬ -some people just don't learn. 

So anyway, this prick is yelling at MH asking why his former band mate Omarion went on the radio and told everyone how Raz-B had Bi-Polar Disorder and was taking pills for it when he apparently doesn't (not being funny but if you watch this video you will just look at him and his crazy eyes and think 'are you sure about that?). I actually had to roll my eyes right back into my head when the words left his mouth. First off, why the FUCK are you media stalking Omarion, these times you two aint even friends no more and secondly, why are you calling Marques if OMARION said it. Shit don't make no sense! 

So the conversation escalates and true to form Raz-B brings up the sexual abuse allegations which sprouted when B2K first broke up. Some of you may remember the last time he pulled this stunt to scrape some attention and  how it backfired and made us lose respect for him. 

So now he's on the phone yelling at Marques about violating him when he was younger -what that has to do with Omarion and the bi-polar issue I have no idea - and he is WILDIN' OUT like some any bitch. You know them ones where you can see his masculinity running away from him; it's a sad sad sight. 

Long story short, Marques locks off the phone and leave Raz-Bitch to yell at the dial tone. I for one don't understand why he picked up the phone to that crazy ass in the first place, these times any interaction we ever hear between Raz B and the world is always on some next bullshit.

The last time we heard from Raz, he was exposing his former manager (and cousin might I add) Chris Stokes for molesting the boys when they first formed B2K and he filmed a conversation between them, along with his brother Ricky Romance, where Chris allegedly apologised for doing such immoral things to them. A few weeks after the video was released another one comes out with Raz playing best friends with Chris -the man that apparently destroyed his life - leaving a restaurant hugged up and claiming that they were cool again -apparently Chris gave him some money. He even retracted his molestation allegations ¬_¬ #IsThisLife. 

Now call me stubborn, but if someone sexually abuses me I'm not looking to beg friend with them cause they gave me money, especially not if I'm a dude. You can't open up my bumhole and expect forgiveness, FUCK YOU! Things like that will get a man SHOT #DontRageMe

Raz-B is a wanker and he needs to stop telling the world about how he got abused just so he can get fame and a few bucks. 

If you want to see the fuckery this eediat is going on with then click the link below.

That's all for now
...Love Scotty

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