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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What the frig I think of the X-Factor hype

Hey dudes and dudettes =), hope all of you are enjoying this bad ass British weather as much as I am ¬_¬. 

So yeah, basically since I've been up everyone is talking about X-Factor so I thought, hey I'm blogging now so why don't I have a little moan about it too.

Now, the main thing that we've all been bitching about is the fact that Gamu didn't get through. 
Can you believe the cheek! 
I was proper sitting there in front of my TV predicting who was gonna make it to the live shows like say my name is Mystic Meg, and then Cheryl told Gamu how she's not gonna take her through. I wanted to dash the remote at her forehead! I wasn't only annoyed because Gamu genuinely deserved a spot, but because Cheryl -like some fully certified dick-head -put Katie What's-her-face through. 

Bruv, don't rage me! 

Katie messed up her first audition but she put herself back in the running at bootcamp. Now she makes it to Cheryl's house with them friggin polka-dot ostrich feather eyelashes and a friggin' umbrella in her hand, fucks up possibly one of the easiest songs to sing, and Cheryl says yes. 

o_O Is this life?

So as if Gamu didn't get parred off enough by having Cheryl just CRUSH her hopes and dreams, I'm hearing she's getting deported. 
If this girl knows that she is living here ILLEGALLY then please tell me WHY she thoght it was a good ideo to make her existence known on TELEVISION? She obviously didn't think this through. 
What, did she think that if she made it onto the show immigration would low her or something ?
¬_¬ Like babes,you're good, but you aint THAT good.

Surprise surprise, Cher got through even though she didn't sing (cause we didn't see that coming ¬_¬). 
I'm not being funny, but I actually don't care that Cheryl put her though. I'm still gassed from her first audition (yeah I said it) and I'm interested to see what she comes up with next (hopefully some new eyebrows cause them crooked facepaint ones she's working with are NOT doing it. This bitch is walking around looking like The Rock for no damn reason).

The only good decision Cheryl made that day was telling Treyc to sling her hook. You know them ones where I couldn't even hear what the girl was singing because her weave was offending my eyes. All I kept thinking is 'bitch, you are on NATIONAL TELEVISION with your hair looking like that! Don't rage me.'

I saw one interview on Facebook with that Anastasia girl who also got booted off, and she was gunning Cher and Katie. What a way to look like a hater. Ok so you didn't get through, let's be honest, even if you did, you wouldn't win. I wouldn't vote for you. Cheryl gets no rating for putting those Katie and Cher through, but I don't think she was wrong for letting you go, you don't have the X-Factor. 
I mean seriously, bitching to the SUN! How tacky is that!?! Count your losses and move the fuck on!

Let me say this from now, the only judge that made all the right decisions was SIMON. All of his acts are sick.  
One Direction are like a mini gang of Justin Beibers and Zac Efrons which will get these little girls GASSED. I was feeling their version of Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' (I love the little curly hair one). 
Belle Amie are quirky and every member can sing, which is always a plus. 
As for F.Y.D....well they're good, but they don't have a shot in hell at winning cause they're not hot enough (that's not even me being a jerk, that's just life).

I'm not gonna get into Dani's or Louis's categories too tough, because if the acts don't fuck up their chances, then their mentors will. I mean they have already started screwing it up for them. 
Dani made Mary Byrne look like the fucking Vicar of Dibley, and Louis made Storm Lee look like the DEVIL -WHY IS HIS HAIR CRAYOLA CRAYON RED?  
Also, Aiden Grimshaw needs an excorsim because I don't understand why he has those creepy child molester spasms when he sings.

I don't care enough to report on the rest of them.

That's all for now.

...Love Scotty

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