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Monday, 4 October 2010

Welcome to my world

Right well as this is my first ever blog post I won't ramble on too much. 

As with everything else I end up doing on the internet, this blog was concocted out of sheer boredom (and what?), but it seems that the things I create out of boredom seem to take off so I decided to just run with it =D. 

Believe it or not this blog was originally called 'Scotty's bad ass blog...something or the other' and I was going to gas about the latest trends and what not, until I sat down and realised that I don't actually give a rip about trends. Trends suck ass! I'm all for individuality and running with the crowd is not something I'm too fond of (one of the reasons why I refuse to get a Blackberry) so prepare yourself for the whimsical randomness that is me. 

Throughout this blog I will try to make you laugh, piss you off (well the sensitive ppl anyway), but most of all educate you with my awesomeness Y) (I'm so modest right? lol). 

Until I actually decide what the hell I am going to constructively gas about to you guys, why don't you go ahead and click one of the tempting links on my home page and do something fantastic like follow me on Twitter or something (I don't follow back unless you're entertaining so don't ask me #TEAMFuckAFollowBack)

...Love Scotty

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